Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apples, apples and then apples

There is a wonderful apple orchard Dixon's, north of here that is the only place in the world where they grown Champagne apples. It's hard to explain the flavor, except to say it is almost effervescent in it's flavor. It is to die for. Sweet Man suggested a family outing for today and we all agreed it would be a fun thing to do. I told everyone I would be really happy for them but that the washer board road would be too much for my back at this point in time. (I am kinda lamed up with a pinched sciatic nerve and my tail bone has been jammed for about a month.)

With that knowledge, my sweet family said they didn't want to go unless I went, so we headed for a small and kinda she-she but wonderful rural/artsy/fun village named Corrales. Little did we know it was the Harvest festival there until we arrived. Tractors pulling flat bed wagons, cute scarecrows and harvest decos everywhere for at least 5 miles in the heart of the village. The farm we were going to to get good but 2nd best apples is on the far side of the village and the police had the center blocked off. So, we had to drive 10 miles north and then 1 mile east and then make a turn south to get to the farm.....and lo and behold.....a road side stand selling yep you guessed it....Champagne apples from Dixon apple farm.

We were so excited and grateful for the turn of events. The serendipity of the moment was lost on the kids of course. But the three adults realized the changes were slim and wonderful. As we drove home we also happened upon another apple offering from a small orchard in Bernalillo where we got really sweet baking apples for next to nothing. Shelley and I are dreaming of all the wonderful apple delights we can have fun creating for the winter. Lots of peeling and talking time to follow this week. We bought some pinon nuts and went to see a herd of buffalo at Sandia Pueblo, got pizza and came home happy and entertained as only an autumn adventure family drive can.

It is times like this, I feel like I am going to burst at the seams (and I'm not referring to my figure) with the love and complete bliss I am in the midst of. Just a few short months ago, I was in deep despair without my lovees close to me. Then I was afraid of what could happen if we didn't make loving each other more important than anything else. We are all trying to make this alternate family style work, I think we're doing really well. Now, I am blessed and I know it. One can never take a situation like this for granted. We are truly blessed.


  1. Those apples sound delicious. If I am ever in NM I will have to try them. I am a really big chilehead too so one day I will get to your state :) Sounds like you guys had a nice drive even if you had to take the round about way.

  2. How exciting!I enjoyed going on the journey with you and almost felt I tasted the apples. I hope your back feels better Linda and yes, family is where it is at. Have a great week. Now go and make an apple pie.:D

  3. That's wonderful...I know what you mean...we are truly blessed. I would love to get up there and take a ride up to Santa Fe....the high desert is exploding with colour right looks as if it's on fire!! Be home soon and will write more.


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