Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is finally here

Glorious Mabon.

As you may have noticed, I just love fall and fall things. And when I was a kid, something called to me about the fall. It was a time of gathering and collecting and busying yourself with preparations. I am good at that. It's that nesting thing I guess. There is a sense of satisfaction at having stockpiled your "nuts" for winter. Literally and figuratively.

My Mother used to tell me how sad the fall was. How it meant that we would have to endure another winter. I understand from her perspective that it was a sad time because she lost her Mom in September when she was very young and my Mom was a bit of a drama queen. She was a spring person. Ugh. My response to spring is just like my nine year old granddaughter every morning of her life......."can't I just sleep a little while longer?" Don't get me wrong spring is pretty and pastel and fluffy but sorry......it loses to snugly and crackling and vivid and brisk.

Today at 3pm it will be fall equinox, Mabon, second harvest, the best time of year. We will celebrate tonight with a mini bonfire (propane powered), cider, sweet corn bread muffins, pumpkin butter and anticipation of snuggling together in the winds that let us know winter will be knocking at the door at the next changing of the seasonal guard.

Here in Albuquerque we host the international balloon fiesta and that for me is another of the jewels of autumn. I know other places have balloon rallies but ya just can't beat the Sandia Mountains and Rio Grande River as backdrop for 800 balloons in the air at one time. It is breathtakingly beautiful. We have friends who have a business just across the road from the Balloon Fiesta Park and every year we are invited to their place for a balloon breakfast with a ring side view. Can't hardly wait.

But for now, I will busy myself with fixing corn to freeze, pumpkin butter to finish, last of the tomatoes to can and ristras to hang. Busy, busy, busy, makes me feel happy. (funny in the summer I am too tired to be busy, crazy old woman)


  1. It seems like you people always are having different fiestas,
    fiestas that I never have heard about before!
    This "baloon-adventure" sounds really nice!
    Have a nice time

  2. You're not a crazy ol' woman, you're insane!!! LOL I too love the Fall...just glad those 3 digit temps. are in the past for now. Gorgeous day...in the 70's, but will warm up into the 80's for the weekend...oh well. Spray painted a little Christmas tree black today for my little ornies and Halloween display on my table...can't wait. Am leaving for Austin this Sat. and will return Oct.1...going to see my little penis posse again...can't wait!!!

    As for Spring, it can be beautiful, but when we start exchanging real estate wit Mexico and New Mexico, then it's no fun...hate those sand storms..comes in like a lion and sticks around too...bleh >:(~ Have a good one...will have a computer so I won't miss a thing.

  3. Hi Linda. You do make Fall sound so inviting and it is my favorite time of the year. I love fall. I love the idea of the balloons. When my son lived there in Albuquerque, he used to mention about them and the thunder storms as well. Thank you for sharing such interesting thoughts. I appreciate it. Have a great Tuesday.

  4. Hi Linda I think I left too early and didn't type in the needed word at the bottom. Sorry about that. I did just want to say I loved your post and enjoyed your expression of it. Take care and make a ristra for me.:D

  5. Thanks Ladies I appreciate hearing from each of you. It let's me know I'm not talking to myself. Well we do you know but then who wants to admit a thing like that. Hush, there gonna know one of our secrets.

  6. I also love the fall. I was there one year for the balloon fest, and it is indeed an awesome sight. Would love to come back for another!!

  7. Thanks for the comments on my blog.

    A merry Mabon to you too. Autumn is my favorite season as well. I love the smell of leaves both freshly fallen and in the bonfire. I love the crisp mornings that require sweaters but by midday you are ready to sport a tank top. Not to mention my favorite holiday comes during autumn, Halloween!

    Your grandchildren our blessed that you have magick to share with them too.



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