Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oma's got a bad cold

Never live in isolation. It messes with your immune system.

When my Shelley was a baby, I was told that I needed to expose her to other kids and situations so as to build up her immune system. When she was in daycare, she built up real good. Sniffles, runny nose, yep the whole germy enchilada. But it was good advice because she did build up a tolerance for whatever was the germ of the week and after age 7 she was, for the most part, healthy.

When Gerea was a baby, she only attended twice a week daycare and also got to be challenged by the germys. But she is like a cold magnet. Whatever anyone has, she gets, or at the very least passes along.

After being away from the grands for 2+ years, I would say that I had a total of ZERO colds. Even though Sweet Man from time to time has brought home a nasty bug, I didn't catch it. Must be because it was an adult germ. Cuz the kids have only been in school for what, 9 days and I can't brefff, can't stop coughin, and I'm so far beyond help with Nyquil and sudafed and nose spray, it ain't funny. That's why I'm up at the crack of dawn. Which you know I hate. (but the moon was so bright and happy looking, Evil mocking celestial entity.)

I tried to sleep but I have one of those, cough up your lung things going on. My head is huge and I am in danger of eye explosion when I blow my nose. (Nah, don't worry about my ears, there gone).

Sunday when I felt the slightest sore throat, I started taking the foul tasting Airborne and extra vitamin C. Monday on our chile adventure, I ate as much as I could cuz if you know chile, it's supposed to cure anything. Yesterday when I woke up and my head was the size of a hot air balloon, well, I just let it happen. I mean, I guess I could have done something else but who could think of anything to do. Sweet Man brought me tissues and cough drops, Shelley made dinner, the kids stayed away from me cuz I have another new name, Typhoid Mary, and the dogs sure wish I hadn't gotten up at 3:15 am and turned on the lights and computer and disturbed their slumber. But now as I am typing away, they are snoring away and so there.

Wah, Wah, Wah. and then blah blah blah.

2+ years without one of these. I'm trying to think of something positive to see in this but.....nope.


  1. Know what you mean by those germy kids. My oldest was never in daycare, so when he started school, we all got sick. When my daughter entered school 2 years later, she was much healthier since she had built up her immune system thanks to older brother, then when the youngest came along, he has always been the healthy one. When my oldest was in first grade, there was this kid, we later learned, was a carrier of strep, hence, Joel would get it, then me. It got so bad that my doc asked me if I was 1. an street person alcoholic, 2. a drug addict or 3. war to all the above...what's that all about???!!???LOL Anyway, I'm waiting for my youngest cold to hit me this week, since he was out with it here all last week...I too haven't had a cold in a couple of years...just white knuckling it till the incubation period is over!!

  2. think of it as working out internally :)


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