Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain, rain

For the desert rats like me, rain is a wonderful change of pace. We have had our second monsoon this year. This one always comes while the New Mexico State Fair is going on. I have lived here most all of my life and have never understood, if the powers that be, know we have rain this time of year why they haven't made a change in the dates but oh well. Soggy rides are the rule here.

The last week's night time activity was watching the show Mother Nature has put on for our watching and listening pleasure or terror, depending on who you are. I have never been afraid of either lightning or thunder but that is not the case for my daughter or grands. Shelley was staying overnight with my sister about this time of year, when she was five. A lightning strike hit a telephone pole just across the street from my sister. I guess that's what did it for her. She really is wary now.

We had a dog, when I was young, that would hide in the bathtub when we had a storm. I've had cats who took to the closets, under the bed etc when it got bad. I had a bird who would go to sleep during a storm and had a St. Bernard who got so nervous that she ate the back of my couch during a thunderstorm. But my daughter's dog Odin is an idiot. I quess he thinks the noise is going to break into the house because he puts up his hackles, runs to the front door and really barks and gives the storm a big ole doggie talkin' to. My laid back love, Willow, just watches him like, what? What? Are you kidding, we don't get up for no stinkin' rain storm. Sheez. And goes back to sleep.

When I was 13, we had just moved into our new house a few months earlier, a lightning strike hit the houses on either side of us. They both had swimming pools and I think it was one of those forked lightning bolts. I can remember tasting the lightning in the air just before the sound. Wow. Now that was a sound. The hair on my arms and head kinda hurt afterwards. It was weird feeling. But for some reason, maybe because I was so close, I am not afraid.

I love to watch the lightning and listen to the thunder. Well, we've had lots of that this last week. More rain than I can remember in quite awhile. Fun to see the grands watching, listening and waiting. Gonna go find an umbrella, hidden somewhere, and take a luxurious walk in the rain.


  1. I know what you mean by the rain, Lady. Here in ol EP we too get the monsoons, as they call it!! LOL The Southwestern part of this country is the only place where people actually go outside and sit on their patios to watch the rain and lightening show. My little Chihuahua, Mr. Peanut, just shakes and will just sit in the middle of the floor or sit on your lap till thunder roars, then he's off somewhere's like watching someone who is lost, poor little guy. As for the other Chihuahua, she could care less. We did have a dog, our Brava, who did the same thing as Odin, bark at the thunder...we thought it was hilarious!!

    Today is breezy and very cool, well cool for the change...I think Fall is in the air..oh wait, it's going to be in the 90's text week, oh well.

  2. Oh I wish we had rain here. It's going to be 95 tomorrow. I'm hoping it starts cooling off soon,but still glad to be breathing. Enjoy the weather, be it hot, cold, warm, is great!!


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