Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Softly, quietly but with an attitude, he crept into my heart

The kids, all 3, have now been here 6 weeks. Everyone has adjusted well. Better than I had even hoped.

I told my daughter when she got here that I would be thrilled if RyLeigh, 5 and high functioning autistic, would be used to me enough to let me hug and kiss him by Christmas.

Last evening, when we were all out front and the kids were doing their nightly bike riding, roller skating, swinging from the tree, Ms. GereaKaye fell on her butt cheeks and hands. Ouch. Kinda ruined the mood so we came in to fix dinner and afterwards her wrist was still hurting. Upon closer inspection, yep, it was swollen. Let's see, I broke my wrist June 2008 and again in July this year. RyLeigh broke his wrist in May this year. So when I tell you, Shelley took her to after hours pediatrics, you can understand why.

They kinda just left, not calling attention to the leaving so that Ry would not be upset and want to go also. He played in his room with the 5 million Thomas the Tank Engine trains he has and after awhile he got real quiet. I asked him what he was doing. Nothing says he in a very tiny voice. So I knew something was up. He came in where sweet man and I were with huge tears in his eyes and asked if his Mom was coming back. We reassured him, had him sit with us, comforted him and in about 2 minutes he was back to chattering and playing with us, with no care about his Mom or Sissy at all.

8:30 he got dressed for bed, we picked up his gargantuan mess in his room, picked out one of his new Fraggle Rock books to read (well 2 really) and proceeded to get him settled for the night. I turned his nightlight on, he sat up and gave me a huge squeeze, sloppy kiss and said I love you so, so much my Oma.

That sweet little boy is happy, secure, well loved and went to sleep within minutes.

I got Christmas early and it feels so good.


  1. Well then, Merry Christmas Linda. You are doing a great job with the children. You're a very capable woman and all will be well. Take care and thx for sharing.

  2. Yes, I can see why Christmas is already here!
    Oh. I really would like to meet you IRL.
    Have a great weekend, Oma!


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