Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We got a cold again

Well, here we are at the intersection of cough and hack and fever and sweat. My poor grands have strep. You know of course that Mommy and Oma and Papa alias Sweet Man will be sick in 24 hours.

Ry started with a fever and slept all day Monday. Gerea was weakish but no fever so off she went to school. Yesterday more of the same. Ry seemed better in the morning and GK was upset that she didn't have fever and couldn't stay home. But by the time she arrived home from school.....oh my. They went to the after hours Pediatric Clinic and both quick strep tests were positives and both had fevers of over 101.

Now let me share an old lady's wisdom. When I was little, I had strep and tonsillitis so much that I think we had a standing appointment at the doctors office (Funny story sometime in the near future). Penicillin was the way to go in the form of a shot. Yeah okay except now as adult my immune system is so screwed up because of all the antibiotics I took as a child that I have a hard time fighting off "any kind of coming down the pike" germ.

When Mommy was little, I avoided taking her to the doctor as much as I could (go figure). We weathered colds, used homeopathic and common sense and she actually got grown to bear two other human beings.

Ry was very sick as a tiny baby and had to be hospitalized with RSV. Oxygen tent blah blah blah, very scary stuff. So I understand that when he gets sick, the red flags go up. I also don't like to see them suffer (yeah you knew there was going to be a BUT).

I am so fearful that they too will have immune system disorder as adults with all the anti whatevers they have taken. Poor critters. Poor germ carrying critters. You know the big bad world out there is filled with little tiny things that change your life......but only momentarily. That's the wisdom. Things pass in time. illness, discomfort, point of view, perspective. All of that is transitory, it only seems like it will last forever.

Life is terminal not serious. So having stated that, today will be filled with lots of lemon water, hot tea, hugs, pillow fluffing, book reading, soup slurping and when the Mommy comes home from work this afternoon, I will put her to bed and do the same for her too.

My turn will come.....................................


  1. You poor thing. I'm still here in Austin and my Ryan has something...spikes a fever but not symptomatic of anything!!! My poor daughter has the little one who is constantly on the tit!!LOL Wow, glad I'm not there anymore...I mean young and fertile!!!LOL I'll be picked up by a dear friend today at about 6ish and off to her house for the night then she'll take me to the airport Thurs. My son-in-law is also sick, and the swine flu is rampant here in Austin....God I pray not!! Haven't had my flu shots yet. Looking forward to going home...I miss my sweet man sooo much and my bed and the quiet, etc. LOL Hang in there, Lady, strep sucks!!!

  2. I hope you start feeling better soon and everyone else too. Take care.

  3. alphabet diseases allowed. We don't need no stinking flu stuff huh? Be safe, have fun.
    Gloria...thanks, I really haven't started feeling sickie time is yet to come. But I appreciate your well wishes.


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