Monday, October 12, 2009

9, 10, 11th day of Halloween

Ya know, I forgot how kids eat time. I mean they just put it in their sweet little mouths and chew. One minute nibbles, huge gulps of hours and then they devour a day.

Friday was a day off from school. We do not observe Columbus Day. Much for the same reason that there is not celebration for the conquering the Indian Pueblos by Onate's and Coronado's men. You know the conquistadors were not exactly kind to the New World inhabitants (but I digress, as you all sing in unison, and this is new how?) Here we are off because the balloons are in the air. That's all I can figure and it's as good a reason as I can think of. Took the kiddos to breakfast where Mommy works. The view of the balloons is great. Watched about 50 balloons take advantage of the Albuquerque Box. I love the expression on your face. You're saying HUH? What is she babbling about this time? The ABQ box is the what the winds are called here. A phenom that, at say 200 ft takes you west, at 250 north, at 350 east and back down at 300 south. Sometimes when everything is just right, like the wee little bears porridge, chair and bed, the pilot of a balloon can make a complete box and return to where they started. It is amazing to watch.

After breakfast of huge pancakes, we set off to chase (the real jargon for: follow until it lands) the balloons. Found a gorgeous black balloon with primary colors in inverted teardrops that looked like it was coming down out of a pack of about 20 balloons. Made our way thru industrial areas and then into a housing development, to an open field where sure enough the "Colores del Sol" was just touching down. The kids were going nuts having never "chased" before. We got out of the car, ran to help the balloon chase crew steady the balloon on the ground and then helped spread out the tarp. "Oma, I got to touch the balloon, is that basket what they stand in, did you feel the hot air coming out of the top of the balloon, does it all fit in that bag, can we do it again???????????????????????????????????????????"

Sometimes ya just hit the jackpot in life. The owner of the balloon was there, talked to the kids, told them all about it, how it got it's name, and gave the kids cards, ...the works. Very nice man. Very nice way to start their day off. And besides, now Oma rocks cuz the grands got to see, feel, and breathe the real excitement of the October Skies here in ABQ.


  1. I'm still trying to figure out what Columbus did? I know that he brought in a lot of venereal diseases and passed them on so that they could be passed on to others. We should be celebrating VD day. hahahaahah.
    How nice that you went to breakfast with the kiddos and watched the balloons. Sounds like it was a very nice time. Your a good soul. Take care.

  2. LOL I feel the same way. We never celebrate Columbus day either. Not only did he bring problems, he wasn't really the first European here. The vikings actually take that honor. Anyhow, sounds like you all had a fund day balloon chasing :)


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