Friday, October 23, 2009

addendum to my Ofrenda blog

Two in one day and it is #100 blog.

I just had to add some info about my ofrenda and also add additional photos.

Most all of the items I have were purchases in Mexico or from Mexican artisans in shops here. I also just adore Novios, newlywed skeletons. The more the merrier. So many of the items are scenes from weddings, I love the little cake with the two skeleys on top. The beautiful clay Novios dancing and the hot kissers in the little red box.

The wall behind the sideboard has a collection of angelitos, also mostly latin american so it is pretty the rest of my life. The angel wall is my contemplation spot in my house. I have since we moved back here 6 years ago done my meditation in front of all of those lovely angels.....I need all the help I can get.

I hope you enjoy my Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, and Angelitos.



  1. Oh I love your ofrenda. I love to sit back and look at peoples work and how they put together the ofrenda. So lovingly as you did. I did enjoy your DIA and I will post mine on the 1st.I love your angel wall and it is a very serene place to contemplate thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Viva el Dia de Los Muertos!

  2. I love it, Linda. Great ofrenda...haven't put up mine yet. Well, it's up year round, but like Gloria, need to add another picture, my wonderful aunt who passed away late last month. She was 92 and suffered so much. I kept telling God, "Porfavor, aceurdate de mi tia."
    She is now with her beloved and my Pop. My cousins talked how she's up there having to tell her husband and my Dad to put a lid on the amount of cerveza they're having!! LOL

    Going now to clean out my jalapenos for the Rigatoni Isabella!!!


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