Friday, October 30, 2009

No Halloween????

RyLeigh's in Kindergarten so he gets to dress in his Halloween costume, albeit abbreviated, to school today. GereaKaye's school on the other hand does not allow the celebration of Halloween. So in order not to have a "riot" on their hands, the school officials decided to have the kids dress up in the decade of their choice to celebrate the 50th birthday of the school. Interesting solution.

GK was puzzled about what styles were in what decade and so it gave us a teachable moment. We went online and showed her some of the worse/best from the decades from 1959 to 2009. It was hilarious to see her reaction to the "stranger than fiction" things that were considered fashion.

After going through her dress up box, costumes box, we (her Mom and I) decided to go with the most simple answer to the costume dilemma. Given that we were told on Weds. night, I think we did okay for not spending any $$$$$$.

Both of them were really excited about dressing up and having a fun day. As you can see by the photos.


  1. I think they look great. All they need is a big bag for all that candy they are going to get. Happy Halloween and be careful. Have a great weekend.

  2. How fun...I'm missing my little Penis Posse today...sniff! Have a great Halloween and don't behave!!! We won't stand for that!!! Going up to your state tonight...just up the road to Las Cruces for a Halloween dinner at my bros...we'll be giving out candy to the kids there. As for snow, we got a sprinkle on the mountains...just gorgeous...glad it stayed up in the mountains!!! Bah, Hum-bug.


  3. Linda, thank you and Gerea your Granddaughter for the beautiful comments you left on my blog. I truly appreciate it and how wonderful of your grandduaghter to leave a message. Thank you Gerea and Georgina.


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