Saturday, October 31, 2009

On the day of Halloween........................

Happy Halloween from me and mine.


  1. Happy Halloween Linda. Watch out for the boogie man!:D

  2. Thanks Gloria, I'm hoping we have some boogie persons come to trick or treat. Last year we had maybe 15. I hope for more. Happy Halloween and have a great weekend. Linda

  3. Hope you had a great Halloween...we didn't do what we had originally planned....long story, but we ended up at our favorite rib place and chowed down on lots of red meat!!!! eeewwww, I'm a suffering for it today!!!!


  4. Linda,
    Love the picture. We had -0- Halloweeners. ): When I lived in Ohio we had 200-300 each year. It was great. I would dress up and sit on the porch, play spooky music, and hand out the candy. The little creatures were sooo cute. I miss that. We live in a small neighborhood on a cul-de-sac here in VA and no little children.
    I still celebrate, though. I love Halloween.
    Hope you had a good one!


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