Friday, October 2, 2009

On the second day of Halloween.....

Here are some junk store finds converted to "fabulous dahlink'. Last Halloween season was the first time I put on the glitz. No kids around, just us old folks at home and I needed a pick me up. Cats, bats and alley rats didn't seem to be called for so I had a display with white pumpkins with beading and blah, blah, blah. Anyway, this year I found an old sad bag of gourdy natural fiber wrapped pumpkins at Thrift Town, brought them home. The kids and I glued and glittered and I put finishing touches, gold leaves on them. Too she-she. The kids love um. Go figure. At the same crafting session (Wednesday afternoons) we made a count down to Halloween chain. As the little one said "the chain is shrinking and almost time for ghosts". I'm excited too.

As I have told you my grands are sick with Strep....dreaded strep. So there is no joy in mudsville right now. Both now have been ill since Sunday. Too long, for ordinary strep, must be what the pediatrician called "super strep". Nothing super about it as far as I am concerned. But soon and very soon we will all be better. In the mean's kinda quiet around here, except for the coughs and sputtering and pleas for more water. Gotta go. Halloween countdown love to all and to all a good.....oh you get it.