Thursday, October 8, 2009

On the seventh and eighth day of Halloween......

Just listed the last of the items I will sell on Ebay in 2009. I have these great old Noma Treetop Angels. Most of the old "queens of the boughs" had seen better days when I found them. For some reason the wings are always the second thing to go. The first is usually their dresses. The pine sap is really hard on both the plastic and the brocade used to dress these lovelies. I usually have to strip them and start over again but all of these gals had decent dresses. Their wings were a mess. So I used a copy of a good pair of wings, printed the back with a pattern appropriate to the angel and then copied the wings. That way they have a front and back to the wings. Cut them out, burnished the edges (scrapbooking style) and then used Martha's fine glitter to embellish the wing design. I'm always pleased that the angels look usable, albeit vintage, and a little worn (who doesn't now days). Nope, this isn't Halloween faire but it's what has happened on the 7th and 8th day of Halloween.

I added this button for Mom-preneur. Check out some of the delightful crafts offered. How much fun to support other ladies "doing their thing" while staying home with the kiddos. Too much fun.

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  1. Love those Angels and the way you restored them. Good job. Love Ebay too!


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