Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On the sixth day of Halloween.....

This picture is of a vintage item that I had then sold but I just loved the graphics. I hope you will enjoy too.

I know that most of the others who are doing this are getting magical and mystical and concentrating on the assignment of a Halloween blog and I just have to say Rock on with your bad selves. Me....I guess I find it hard to fit my square ass in a round hole. Or maybe it's the other way 'round. I am continuing to do what I do and do it with a Halloween flavor. Yes???

I am in the midst of a crisis of faith in a system. Namely the system of the real true hallelujah Big Brother controlling company of 2009, EBAY. I have been a member for 6 or 7 years. Sold for the last 3 on a consistent basis. I don't make any huge money from it but like "something's wrong man". The same things I was making money on last year, I'm selling this year for the same price and getting less back. Yeah like that's a big ole fat surprise. But it kinda is. When all is said and done Ebay keeps reinventing the rules and taking more and more out of what the seller gets.

Here's my example. I don't know if you know this but the more perfect you are at selling, the less they charge you, unless you don't sell enough perfectly and then they charge you more. Huh??? yeah me too. The rating system is 5 stars. If you maintain 5 stars you are charged a lesser percentage on your sale. The more money your sales are, the less you pay. So you are rewarded for being a bigger business and dealing with buyers fairly. Okay I get that. But I sell fairly, have a 100% positive and right now when all is said and done. I pay about 22% of what I sell to big brother Ebay. On the up side 78% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Right? Okay I'm over it.

Today is let's make some Halloween ornies to give away to friends, the neighbors and teachers. The herd should be arriving home shortly and we will have at it after snack and homework. I'll have pictures of our "triumphs" soon.

As always thanks for listening.


  1. I guess they are taking out their share and what if you had to pay taxes on what you sold, brother there would be nothing left. I say, let them have it because sooner or later they will be taxed for what they get. It's called greed. Everyone wants their share. Why don't you try selling things on your blog? Don't you think? I've never checked out your ebay, one day I will.

  2. Glorv1 knows what she's talking about. Good idea, why not try selling on your blog?


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