Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thanks Georgina

One of my all time favorite persons gave me this (dubious) award. No really I am flattered. I don't know if I have any "things" to tell that anyone would be interested in but here goes. Seven things that are not readily know facts about yours truly.
1. I have never gone up in a hot air balloon
2. I don't know how to operate the VCR and don't want to know how, I'll leave that to everyone else.
3. I have a sister, 2 nieces, 3 nephews and 5 great niece and nephews and haven't seen them in years.
4. My Dad was one of 18 children, I have 53 first cousins and 90 something second cousins, most of San Miguel County in northern NM are my relatives
5. I wanted to attend West Texas State but my folks wanted me to go to UNM, University Near Mom
6. I am not a jealous person, envious yes, jealous no
7. I want to learn to paint with watercolors when I grow up
Now as to 7 victims, er nominees for this award. Well, I don't have 7 but I will nominate one of the sweetest folks I have met on the internet. This very talented artist bought some funky looking boy dolls from me on Ebay and we have struck up a friendship. Her work in photography and staging are phenomenal. It always makes me happy to go and visit her sight. She lives in Sweden, is a teacher and is my lone nominee. So there ya go Becky.


  1. Dear Linda!
    Thank´s for the award,
    I´m overwhelmed;)
    I´m gonna do a post about it, I just need some time to think a little! What is interesting to know about me...
    Well well, I will find out something that will surprise everyone.. (lol)

  2. Loved this post especially the truthfulness of item 3, not having seen various family members for years . . just like me! Also like me, jealous no, envious, totally! Fabulous post . . thanks for sharing yourself with us.

    Off to sign up and follow!

    Come have a look at my blog when you have a moment:)


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