Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who am I? Well, I'm....from column B w. fried rice

To quote my hero from NCIS, Leroy Jethro (silver haired and still sexy) Gibbs, "don't apologize, it's a sign of weakness". So I won't and I'm not.

Having said that, I know that most of ya'll recognize humor or in my case sarcasm when you read it. I also recognize that Kellie Pickler, Abby Shuto and I have alot in common when it comes to being understood. It is sorta like going out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant and having to pick two from column A and 1 from column B unless you picked sweet and sour because then you have to do without column B. and just get egg rolls. Got it?

Yesterday's post was in no way a brag. I don't do that. I wasn't trying to "rub other people's noses in my accomplishments" or "trying to come off like superwoman". 1st you can keep your noses right where it is thank you very much and my superwoman suit is now 3 sizes too small and the spandex is 2 decades old and probably doesn't stretch enough to wear.

I got comments. I got comments not on the blog so that all the rest of you could see that there are those out there who:

1. don't have a sense of humor

b. didn't want others to see their comments

III. are pretty damn insecure to even give a big one

4. are the same folks who aggrandize themselves by giving tutorials and flaunting their newest creations for sale. Not that all folks who do that are bitchy, I'm just saying.

E. Oops, did I just start something else?

I don't mind being misunderstood, misconstrued, or misquoted. I do mind being thumped for pointing out that I am now, my second time around, doing the wifely things, only now it is for my daughter. By the way for the lone person who was worried about my daughters' feelings. She LHAO when she read it and said "quit kickin' the dog and make me some dinner". She also should be taken with cod liver oil to be understood correctly. [in the olden days that's what folks used for laxatives] (thought I should add that for the sneaky off line bloggers who wouldn't understand the inference about being full of shit).

As my Mom used to say, "don't be coming in the hen house if you are afraid of the rooster". Because taking shit and handing it out are two different things. The last part I added, my sainted Mom didn't swear, drink or have much fun. (that was a joke too).

Don't piss on me cuz I have a huge ole umbrella and a bucket and will give some of your donation right back atcha.

I love my buddies out there who either laugh at what I say or shake your head and forgive me or ignore it, if it looks like trouble and come back anyway or whatever. I do this for....myself people not because I expect an audience to critic it but as a sort of journal of thoughts. .I am what my granddaughter says.....the meanest old broad in the world. And Jethro would be proud.