Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wow, thanks for the award

Mis Amiga Georgina just bestowed another honor and award on me. How sweet is that???? Georgina is a study in what to do. She is a strong, fonny (yep spelled like us beaners say it), warm, loving, proud, talented, did I mention fonny, light hearted woman with a strong sense of family, style and bravado. There, I said it and I mean it! When you spell whimsy it is spelled with Georgina. Give yourself a treat and check our her art, her life, her humor and verve at llornaarts.blogspot.com.

I love the logo for this award. Acorns are a special favorite of mine. I believe that all creatures need to store their "nuts" away for the winter. Acorns are like a symbol of security for me. It also symbolizes wisdom, which I hope that I have attained a small bit at this stage in my life. So draggin' my wise nuts along behind me, I will send this award on to: 5 ladies who are each talented in their own ways. I read their every post and enjoy the insights, fun and reality they share.

glorv1.blogspot.com, Gloria who always has sweet thoughts for me and some dynamite recipes

gloriacarringtonferrira.blogspot.com, Gloria whose insights and humor tickle me

themagicalmundane.blogspot.com, Jessica, who is so real and is where I wish I was, back when my kiddo was young

domesticwitch.blogspot.com, clever, fun, entertaining

and finally my love from Sweden, Becky beckybus.se/wordpress/, kind, talented and genuine

I am not a very good constant communicator. I do not leave comments all the time but please know that I do appreciate you.

XXXOOO to all


  1. Linda, thank you ever so much for this award. It is an outstanding award and I truly appreciate it. You are very kind to have thought of me. Your blog looks so warm and inviting. I like the pumpkin countdown.:) Have a great day and I will be sure to pass it on to others. Viva La Vida!

  2. AAAWWWW, well thanks mi amiga...did anyone tell you you are "fonny" too...we're just 2 fonny ladies. Sent you an email on FB...sheck it out!!!


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