Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aw yes the good ole days.

Sweet Man and I just returned from Thanksgiving dinner at GereaKaye's elementary school. Wow talk about a time warp. Our daughter Shelley also went to the same elementary school and SM was president of the PFC there. I was room mommy every year and that school has not changed in all these years. Well it has but it hasn't. When Shelley went there all the kids were in indoor classrooms, not portable buildings.

The kids are so sweet and cute and loud and obnoxious...see I told you it is the same. GereaKaye had to show us her art work, boy she likes, girl she hates and introduced us to her teacher, her reading teacher and the cafeteria manager. The shocker came when the lady in the hairnet handing out the rolls said, "Hey, you must be Shelley's mom and dad. She and I went to high school together." I went to our table and didn't think much of it until GK said, "Hey, Oma I didn't know you knew the principal." Yep, she and Shelley were in high school together and now I feel really old.

The school will be celebrating it's 50 year anniversary and when GK's teacher talked to us, she asked if we would be coming to help celebrate the occasion, because they were trying to find as many "old timers" as they could to share stories from the school's past. OMG, I really felt old. Even the school is younger than me. Yep, me and dirt....the same age.

Thank Audrey for the picture of the turkey gobbler, he's a beauty.

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  1. How I remember those days...I had to eat two meals with my kids. Then when Ian came along, luckily, my son had graduated to middle school and that left me with still 2 meals...oey vay!!! My daughter attended her boys school the other day...3 meals!!! LOL


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