Friday, November 20, 2009

I won, I won.....I'm so excited

I know, calm down silly woman......but I won. Can you tell I haven't won much in my life? Shows huh?

So there I was yesterday doing my morning blogger dashboard thing. You know checking out my favorite blogs and such. Hmmm let's see I'll go to Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom and see who won the doll from So Dark So Cute. And there was my avatar old lady sticking her tongue out at me. In all her pink glory she was there. I was thrilled.

If you have not been to Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom and checked out all the wonderful giveaways she announces, you should. She also has the most amazing information and recipes etc. When I saw the doll, I showed her to Ms. GereaKaye because she loves Coraline (the movie) and this doll sorta looks like one of the children ghosties. Well GK immediately fell in love, wanted to know if we could buy her. I told her no but I would enter the contest. She said we would have to be REALLY LUCKY to win the little spooky. I was gonna keep it a secret and give it to her as a present at Solstice but I was too excited so I blabbed. GK is also quite beside herself, even being late to the bus this morning (my bad).

The artist that created this little cutie patootie is Donna, she lives in the Netherlands so Ms. Spooky has a journey across the pond to get to us. Check out Donna's other work at So Dark So Cute I just love some of her other pieces, especially the heart with the eye. So clever.

Anyway we are all a twitter, hehehehe (no I don't do that yet). By the way, if any of you out there in blogdom are feeling kind and helpful, could you explain to me how to add links that actually work so that you won't have to copy the info to get where I hope you will go? (Run on sentence Linda, that's a C- for this blog).


  1. I'm just thrilled that she's going to a good home where she'll be much loved! Congrats!!

  2. Oh how great Linda. You really sound happy. She's a cutie pie and I'm sure she will be well taken care of. It's getting cold and now it's time to bundle up. Don't want to get sick. You take care and congrats.

  3. Congratulations, Mujer!!! What a cutie. Hey, I know how you fell when you win something. I've been very lucky to have a couple of adorable things I was lucky enough to win.

    As for linking to your posts, I don't know how to do it yet as far as just putting that person's name and it links up to that son-in-law sent me directions, but I haven't even looked at them...just too busy!!!! LOL But to put a site link on your blog, is easy, shmeasy. Type out the site address, then copy and paste it to the link box. It's on the blogger tool's the little green world thingy with what looks like a chain to me. Hit that icon, a window will appear with the http://, then hit copy. Make sure you don't double up on the http://. Hit OK, your site address will be a link. One thing I've noticed, if it's a site I've frequented, the link will be green, but if it's new to you, it will be blue, so be careful when typing out your link...if it's one you've visited and it turns out blue, you've got a typo.

    Well, you crazy person you, have a fun weekend and the Winter Solstice...will be thinking of you outside in the cold Albuquerque night in front of your bomb fire...or whatever you wonderful "brugas" do!!! LOL

    blessing and goats,

  4. Hi Linda! It sounds really weird, but i was kinda hoping that you're the one who wins my Little Spooky...and you did! Yes, i'm so happy! You're one of the few who left a real kind message on my blog for the giveaway. It's sad that most of the bloggers who wanted to win, just followed me, but didn't say a word :-(
    How nice of you to put my webside link on your blog :-) Thanks! Tomorrow i'll send Little Spooky on a long Journey....


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