Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My hero GereaKaye

I would very much like to share with you what my lovely and talented 9 year old granddaughter came up with for our Holiday cards for Heroes.

I know it sounds like I am bragging and I am, but often times I am completely blown away, in awe and wonder of and scratch my head and ponder why the universe would bless me with a lovey in my life as profoundly kind and good as she. I don't deserve her but I sure am grateful for the gifts and blessings I have been given in her.

Here's her letter exactly as written:

Dear Military friend,

Today is Veteran's day and our family was trying to thank you and all the rest of the brave men and women in the armed forces. Our search online brought us to the Red Cross Holiday Cards for Hero's.

We would like to thank you for you're sacrifice, service, and loyalty to our flag, our country, and to you're mission. Whatever that maybe.

We want you to now that we are thinking about you and want to wish you, OUR HERO, Happy Holidays and our wish is that you will come home safley soon.

With warmest holiday hugs and wishes,
GereaKaye, RyLeigh, Linda, Joe and Shelley. A family who is vary proud of you.

This will be on the back side of a torn paper flag with a yellow heart which reads "You are our Hero" and inside says "thanks and love".

She is amazing and now I'll bend over, pickup my buttons and wish you all a wonderful goodnight. I also promise to post a photo of the card when she is finished with it.


  1. I think it is great that you are instilling in your gd, what the important things in life are. She will always hold these memories that you are both making. Bravo!

  2. Now that's down right wonderful!!! I think she's a bit like her granny...ya think???

  3. Oh, Linda, how sweet. We don't give children enough credit. Yes, there are bad ones out there, but most have wonderful thoughts in their ever growing minds.
    I am sure you are proud of her.
    I look forward to seeing the picture.

  4. Give GereaKaye a big hug from me, she is so very sweet and also very lucky to have a granny like you!
    There is a message to you my friend in my blog...
    Have a great weekend

  5. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for your comment. I am looking forward to the ornament exchange! I think any of the Loteria sounds lovely, but I do have a thing for skulls so that would be my first choice. Thank you very much.
    -Tammy (

    P.S. What a sweet letter your grandaughter wrote!


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