Friday, November 27, 2009

Okay I did it mouth insert entire leg

You know not a week goes by that I don't just step in a big old pile of it.

I just love my grandchildren and I can't stand to see them being hurt. If it was accidental or without malice, I would turn my head and walk away but when I see, know it is being done on purpose, I feel, taste and ache because it's true....I can't walk away and I don't.

Intellectually, I know that I should butt out but my heart overrides my head and my mouth speeds up and passes them all on the backstretch.

My mother bearness is so strong and unruly. And knowing that both of my grands are a little damaged emotionally right now doesn't make it easier to ignore when "mean people" hurt them. So I said something about it to the perps and life will be a little more difficult to traverse for awhile but I stepped in a big old pile of it and now I must pause to clean my shoes and mind and move on.

I have to add that I am sending nothing but healing thoughts to those "mean girls" who made their decisions and hope that time will teach them the lessons they are due. I also am waiting for the mouth suture kit I have asked Santa Claus for as my gift at Christmas. I also asked for the industrial ear plugs and self lobotomy kit but economics being what they are I don't expect that I'll get the whole list cuz ya know damn well I haven't been good enough this year.


  1. Linda, we all tend to do this once in a while. Speak before we've had time to think, so to speak. Why I do that all the time. Sometimes I think my foot should just stay in my mouth. heheheh. lol. Don't be so hard on yourself. Your're fine, just fine. Have a great Sunday.

  2. I can't imagine what mean things your little ones endured but "good for you" for standing up for them. If you overstepped your bounds by a bit then rest assured these "mean girls" probably had stored up some karma and deserved your wrath anyway...I stumbled on your blog and hope you don't mind my two cents worth.

  3. Hi Linda! I know you're a terrific grandma and hope you get lots of beautiful presents from Santa :-) I guess little Spooky is comming soon!

  4. Thanks ladies:
    Gloria, I can't imagine that you would ever have your foot in your mouth. You're such a sweet lady.

    BeckRyan's Mom, the more the merrier and thanks, I think Karma will certainly take care of the mean girl thing. The only lesson I keep preaching on to my grands is "nice matters, but don't get dumped on".

    Donna: We were just talking about little Spooky's arrival. We can hardly wait.

  5. Nope, it is absolutely a g-mom's job to VIGOROUSLY defend you grandkids. They may be embarrassed for the moment, but in years to come, what they will remember is that your were always--passionately--there for them!

    Thanks for visiting our blog...glad to see that you are "not-normal," too! C

  6. Hahahaha...been there and come to think of it, still there. We all do that now and then, reminds us we're really not all that smart even though we are, but there are times we need to have a slice of humble pie. I know how that feels when your child and now grandchildren are bullied and hurt by little snots, but that's life..we've all been through it...sometimes, you just have to let them take care of it's like a train wreck, but no one really gets all that hurt. But don't you just want to hang them up by their little fake Coach purses, put their cell phones on "very" loudspeaker and tape it to their hears and leave them there. Oh damn, did I say that??? Oh well, have a wonderful week, my very funny friend.

    Love ya & B&G,

  7. Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much for the ornaments! They are great, and I love the framed Virgin Mary as well!

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