Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Red,white and blue goes with everything

Thank you to all the Veterans.

I went out to fly my flag and place my short flags and spinner in my herb pots out front and met one of our neighborhood walkers. He is a bit of a smartie and always has something to say. So as I saw him coming I thought to myself, give it your best shot Mr. Man. And ya know.....he did.

"Wow, your flags sure clash with all your Thanksgiving decorations." "Those colors don't go together."

Then I returned the volley with a calm and measured delivery.

My only response was, red, white and blue goes with everything.

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  1. Very good response Linda! ::clapping for you:: You did the right thing. Reverse phychology on him. Yay for you. But in fact I agree, red, white, and blue does go with everything. Very nice. I like your Thanksgiving decorations too. Take care.


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