Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving our way.............

so do you remember the Fractured Fairy tales on Rocky and Bullwinkle show? I have the fairy godmother as one of my very favorite things and if we had a fire, I would save her and my kids (all three) picture books. The fairy tales were just a bit off. Sorta like my life.

Okay so we're working on getting stuff ready to cook etc. and I was getting a little, shall we say bossy and Shelley the assistant bee atch in charge of mouthy, brought me back to reality (I almost slipped into the deep dark pit of agenda last night) by saying to me after I had exclaimed OMG the cranberry sauce looks so small in this container...."well, it's not like we can put tissue paper under it to make it look bigger". LMAO. Yep my Mom would have run for her "vapors" medication and sent us to our rooms for being ugly.

Ugly smugly...we changed the menu this morning. Left out stuff that was gonna make us more nuts than usual. Said we will fix it this Sunday when we have more time. Everyone is fine with that, just so long as the 4 turkey legs and turkey boob get done and we can eat this afternoon sometime. Now that's an awful tradition to hand down to future generations of wack jobs......."no big dealness and yummy stuff (well maybe not all of it) to eat for Turkey day".

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours.