Monday, November 23, 2009

Why I love Sweet Man....or don't ya think ya should stop gritting your teeth???

Okay so you all know I have been married to the same bonehead, er a Sweet Man for 37 years. In that time we have together, apart, in spite of each other, in conjunction with one another, weathered all kinds of stupid things. But most especially each other.

Cast in point. SM changed cars with me when the kids moved back because we could save more money if he used the smaller more fuel efficient car because he is in outside sales and puts lots of miles on the car and gave the big "pee pee" car to Shelley so she could drive to work and back. So do you see in this equation that I don't have a car anymore. I thought you might. Unless I get up at 5 am, and I don't do morning, and climb up into the big "pee pee" car (not easy since the knee replacement)and take Shelley to work, I get to sit at home all day until one of the other competent adults who are allowed to drive every day come home so I can get out and get out.

So this morning, Shelley's day off, I was to follow SM to leave his car (my car, damn it) to have the oil changed. He told me to give him a 10 minute head start and come pick him up. It was right at the end of our street. So 7 minutes later I climbed into the big (well you get it) car and proceeded to the designated place. I parked the car, listened to 3 songs on the radio and began to wonder what had happened to delay SM. Climbed out of said beast car from hell and went inside. I asked if he was still there and they said no, he had gone home to work. I said dial the phone please. SM answered, I asked did ya have to get home in a hurry........well no but I decided to wait across the street and when you didn't get there, I walked home. HUH???????????. WTF,??!!??? OMG. Just couldn't wait????? Oh no you didn't. And then I realized, tomorrow is our anniversary and he is just, well, testing me to see if we will make it to 37 years. No that's not it. He wanted to see if he could still hike home. No, that isn't it. He has turned into his father, who was the most impatient man God ever let draw breathe. But no, this is why. He wanted to make it easier for me to pick him up so he crossed the busy main street and started walking back down a back street to our house using his mental telepathy, radio waved brain to let me know............

Oh man. What a way to start a perfectly good day, on the only day in a week when I got to be a big kid and use the car for 2 whole hours before Shelley had her day off appointments and now I am back here safe and sound in my prison of love and contentment....oh shit

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  1. Happy Anniversary. 37 or is it 38 now, years together is quite a winner. We've been married 27 years and we get along or we don't. WhatttttttEvvvvvvver.:D Have a great day together. Great post. Hope you got home okay. Take care.


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