Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ain't life grand..........???? Well??????

Pose a question like that and you are likely to get an answer. So that is what I am doing. How is life going for you right now?

A newish (don't ya love made up words?) blog friend Mother Moon's Message had a wonderful blog today about how folks treat each other, for better or worse. And it got me to thinking. Oh no, not that. I'll tell ya mine if you tell me yours.

I have shared with you my panic about my crowded house and loss of my studio space, my "triumphs" sorta with Ry and my pride in my daughter's efforts and my awestruck love of my GK and most especially my love of my Sweet Man. I have shared my frustration at not being able to suffer fools very well and my snarky outlook on the world. I have even touched on depths my depression and past life issues as they relate to the now. But it's one of those glass half full, glass half empty kinda things. It all depends how you look at it and how you cope with the outlook that make the difference.

Every morning, I look at how everyone else is doing. How life is treating you, how you will face the day, how you made something wonderful, or had a tragedy in your life, or got your feelings hurt and how I can fit into helping by commenting. Some days I have it in me to participate, some days not so much. Sometimes I feel worthy to say something, some days it's best to keep my opinion to myself. Some days I want to be a friend and some days I can just barely hang on to what is right in front of me.

And the thing is my expectation is that you are out there feeling pretty much the same way on some days.

So rather than expecting you to fulfill my needs, or thinking that you will always have something to say to me, even if I would love to hear it, I realize that you too have "issues, needs, lives, hurts, and life" that keep you busy.

But don't for one minute think that that diminishes my affection for you. I'm just glad to be alive. My new favorite song is by Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews, I'm Alive. I'm glad, for whatever reason, we have bumped into one another. To quote from Shakespeare (badly of course because it's me), "if I should offend", please accept my apologies and chalk it up to the snarky, self absorbed periods of life, because I would never knowingly snark you (unless you are line with me at Walmart and then whateva).

So, I really am asking, How are you?


  1. love your shakespere...and you can snark me anytime... It is a good quote and one I will have to remember as I do beleive that many times we are offended by one and take it far to literally.... not realizing that there are others with lives and issues that may get their panties in a knot making it a bit difficult to be their old cheerful self...

    I like the point you made... It is something we all should remember... One of my favorite quotes.. mine of course... Is that there is always 2 sides to a story and many times 3 or 4 or more...It does us all good to step back once in a while and look at things from outside "our" box...

  2. I've often wished upon whatever star....that I had the gift of clairvoyance so that I wouldn't have to go around retracting the words I have spoken in error.

  3. Linda, I am fine as fine can be. I miss a lot of things from the past but we can't bring the past forward, we can only move forward. I think of my son and of how he love the holidays and how he lit up a room like Christmas lights when he walked in and then I get lonely for him. So I try my best to just think of who we are, what we have now, and hope for nothing but health and well being. I wish that for you too. Thanks for asking, I'm fine now. Take care amiga.

  4. Gloria my lovely friend. I know the holidays are difficult for all of us who have lost someone who made them special. My Mom would love what the kids have done around here, even if it isn't perfect.
    Your son was very fortunate to have a Mom who loved and continues to love him as you do. Feliz Navidad special friend, Linda

  5. HI Linda, I am doing a lot better than I thought I would. I am still dealing with some insomnia issues. Some I can blame on the part of me that is a night owl but I know a lot of it also comes from the grieving process. Your post made me smile, because I feel much the same way. I know not everyone has the time or the right words to say to me but they care. I hope that others in my circle who are having troubles realize the same is true in regards to them. Excellent post!




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