Thursday, December 24, 2009

And now his work is done

I hope you had a blessed Christmas.
Catch ya all next week.

Merry hugs and kisses.


  1. Thank you for all your support this week. You are truly a blessing to me. I hope your day is peaceful and full of love.

    Skippy :)

    [and with no Racoons. since the verification word is "uncoon". I hope you have a racoon free Christmas. Really, shouldn't we all? ;) ]

  2. Oh what a beautiful photo - thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.

  3. Hello my vinegary bloggie friend! A very sweet photo!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!! Eat some tamales for me!!!

  4. Hope you had a great Christmas and looking forward to the Big Bash, or the Big Sleeper as it is for me....New Year is so over rated!!!I know, Ba Humbug!! Anyway, still in Austin and counting the hours till I get home to my sweet man. Ian is also looking forward to his unoccupied room and bed!!!

    Hopefully, will be back online soon...miss this damn thing...feel so disconnected from my friends!!! Ah, I AM!!!!

    Have a great one, my dear amiga, and know you are always on my mind...miss the hell out of reading your stuff!!

    Love ya and B&G XXOO,


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