Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blowing Snow

I have been reminded by reading reports on several of my bloggie buds that there is lots of snow out there. Not here but that's okey fine with me. I love to look at it but don't like to go out in it anymore. Much like alot of things in life. Better left to those who can do without injury or thawing problems.

But I shall wax of times gone by. Because, that's why.

My first husband was from west Texas. nuff said. Prior to marrying him, I was a traveling secretary for my sorority. Don't hate me cuz I went Greek, it was the 60's early 70's. I swang from Sorority bitch to hippy bitch and back again all through college. It all depended where the best Partee was. And the best looking guys. No moss grew on my dark side. Back to the story fool.

As a traveling secretary, I had occassion to visit West Texas state in January. First time I had been to Canyon and had the strangest experience. I had never seen trees that grew at an angle from the wind before. The highway, such as it was, was lined by these poor little trees that were leaning towards Oklahoma. And I soon discovered that if it snowed and it snowed like nut cakes, the snow would pile up even if there was just a bit. I was stuck there for 3 days longer than I should have been because of the drifts. And not being a small town girl, I got a little bored. Shame on my name.

Later on in my "married to a Texan" career, when we went to visit his family on their farm in the middle of nowhere close to Happy Texas, I had the joy of the same kind of sideways snow storm. Not much compared to Northern New Mexico or Colorado snows but OMG it piled so high one time that we had to climb out of the second story window to get out to the barn to feed the horses.

I know I am preaching to the choir with some of you saying yeah? so what?, but for a girl from a place where we are protected from big snow storms most of the time by mountains and mesas, it was quite the experience. Both being married to a Texan and the sideways snow. Snicker.

The most snow I have ever been in was a mistake. Could have been a deadly one but who's counting. Sweet Man and I went to Durango, Colorado for a conference for his company. We love Durango and the surrounding area. Purple mountains majesty don't even tell it.

We are not down hill skiers so while everyone else was doing their thing, we went for one of our favorite drives. There is a wonderful little old mining town called Silverton nestled in a valley in the mountains and we just love the atmosphere and vistas as you drive at 12 to 14 thousand feet high through pine and aspen filled mountains at times racing with an old steam engine train. Of course that only happens in the summer and early fall. The rest of the time the snow is bloody everywhere.

We drove, no snow tires or chains, down a road that had snow piled from the snow plows at somewhere around 20 ft high???? We thought how cool. An experience we had never had. There were places where you could see the vistas but for the most part it was like being in a pin ball game going through a chute. When we finally got to the turn off for Silverton you could see the little village below. If I remember correctly you  drop about 1500 ft into the village. I swear it looked just like what you set up at Christmas with the little houses, courthouse, filling station etc. Only one difference, the snow was up to the top of most of the houses. When we got to the bottom of the hill, OMG what a ride, we saw some kids coming out of the 2nd story windows on sleds, just sliding down the snow to the street. Have I painted the picture well enough? There were no other cars because they were all buried. Nothing was open......duh, ya think?

So we began our trek back out of the mountains, seeing no one in any vehicle the entire time and we are talking at least a 90 minute drive each way. There was a good reason for that. The snow plow had buried the gate and sign back at the beginning of our adventure that said, Road closed, avalanche danger, Do Not Enter.

Whew!! Idiots du jour. Lucky idiots du jour. Right after on the evening news there was another car who made the same mistake later in the day and they were buried and at that point the authorities weren't sure if they would get them out in time. Unfortunately, they didn't. Nuff said.


  1. Well at least something is getting blown. Yea, crazy about "go with eggs" after I heard that greeting from the doc in the movie, Nobody's Fool. Stay warm and go with eggs. Sea witch

  2. It snows sideways in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada too. Horrid stuff!

  3. Linda, scarey story!!! But, all that snow sounds SO beautiful. I LOVE snow.
    College in the 60s - 70s? Me, too. I was at KSU when the big shooting took place in 1970. I was a GDI but hung around with a lot of sorority and fraternity people. (Lot less expensive to be their friends and not have to pay the dues) lol!
    Your stories are wonderful. Fun to read.
    ♥ audrey

  4. What a tale you tell...Enjoyed the story. Snowing here today, quite unexpected even caught the weathermen with their knickers down. Traffic is horrid for those out in it and it is only about 3 inches. It doesn't take much snow to cripple Portland.

  5. I just love your stories!! I'm originally from International Falls, MN and boy would we get snow!!! One time it was so deep we were on the roof of the school sliding in the snow. lol We all had to have long rods with orange flags on our car attenaes so ppl could see your car around the snow piles on corners. lol

  6. Oh gosh, glad you didn't get hurt and avoided the avalanche, but seeing as how I'm over here in WEST TEXAS I have to admit I kind of wanted you to have maybe fallen on yer butt or something in the story, due to the asperions sorta cast our way, and also for including what we in REAL West Texas call NORTH TEXAS in your West Texas story. REAL West Texas has no trees to lean. We can't even grow our own tumbleweeds. We get your N.M. tumbleweeds ("weeds de tumblar" as they say in Spanlish).

  7. OMG Penniwig, I had no idea that you live in WT. My condolences. I only cast spells not aspersions they are far too costly and fragile. And this from the lady who has never met a sober non Irish brick layer.....well there ya go. Just to make you a happy girl, in today's post, I do fall on my butt. You must be a prognosticator deluxe from WT.


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