Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue Moon thoughts

While reading through all of ya'lls postings, I came across a theme. The full moon that will occur this week is what is called a Blue Moon. Not that it will be any color other than moon colored mind you, but rather that two full moons in one months time is considered a blue moon.

Also in commenting on one of my favorite people's blogs Mother Moon's Message, I was reminded of another family story. Okay, keep the booing down back there.

When I was a youngster, back in the Ice Age, I split my time in the summer's (oh for some warmth right now) between some time in McKenzie, Tennessee with my Mom's sister and family and Las Vegas, New Mexico with my Dad's brothers families.

My Mom's father was Daddy Jack to us. I didn't know him all that well, only saw him in the summer for a couple of weeks but he was one of the Reader's Digest sorta people. He was a very southern, slow talking man. Brick mason by trade, drinker by choice, talker from birth. That man could talk your ear off (and we wonder were GK and I got our gift of gab, not). The thing was when he got older, he developed nacrolepsy. He would be telling you how the cow ate the cabbage and get to a place in the story and then, be gone, sound asleep, and when he awoke, the story continued right where he left off. Cracked me up. I realize that sounds mean. But you could get up, fix a sandwich, be halfway through eating it and then he'd rejoin the discussion or lecture really.

Anyway, he had a lot of southern speak pearls of wisdom. Not like Jeff Foxworthy but real pearls and the one that came to mind was connected to the blue moon.

Seems like he had a really good friend who had always been there for him. Through thick, thin, drunk, sober, married, widowed, happy or sad. Explained to us that if we were very very, lucky, we too might have a friend who would always be there, "I'm tellin' ya'll ever day, no damn matter what comes" (direct quote). Daddy Jack explained that that kind of friend was like the blue moon, "they don't come along very often, but when they do, hold on and be a friend, right back. Cherish them and tell them so".

He was right of course. Most all the friends I have lost through the years have been, not from a disagreement or tiff but from neglect. Either on their or my part. This year seems like a good time to readjust my thinking in that respect and be a better friend.

So with that thought in mind, my dear new bloggie friends, I'd like to ask you to join me in appreciating the BLUE MOON and offer up a toast to new friendships.

May each of you find your hearts desires, achieve your dreams and enjoy what is around you while you can. To you.


  1. What an enjoyable read, thank you, now I have to go back and check out that crafting video.

  2. Ah, Linda... know exactly what Daddy Jack was talking about.... and could not agree with him more... As for me it truly is a Blue moon kind of year.... found several good friends... I will gladly take that toast with you... cheers!!

  3. Hey Linda.
    Cheers to the BLUE MOON and Bloggie Friends!! lol. I like that Bloggie word.
    This was a great story and he was right. There is nothing like true friendship!
    Stay warm.
    ♥ audrey

  4. Very interesting post - I think it is pretty cool having a Blu Moon on New Years Eve.

  5. Ha ha, everyone in my family said "ever" for "every" too...but when we went to college we lairned it were correctly sed "ev'ry," seen it right thar in a book big as life.

    Never knew a sober bricklayer, nor a non-Irish bricklayer. Can't lay brick sober, you'd go crazy.

    I like Daddy Jack's thoughts on friendship.


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