Monday, December 7, 2009

Do you want my balls for Christmas......recipe that is

Wicked Yummy Balls

3 pkgs micro popcorn (your choice, I like butter lovers)
8 oz. cashew pieces (once again your choice if you don't like cashews)
1 lb. milk chocolate M&M's (or go nuts for your balls)
1 pkg. brickle bits (or smack the heck out of 3 Heath Bars)
1 lb pkg small marshmallows
1/2 cup salad oil
1/2 cup butter, no substitution

Melt salad oil, butter, marshmallows over low heat. Mix together the dry ingredients. Pour melted ingredients over popcorn mixture and stir thoroughly.
Now this is the part where you will, if you start too soon on the hot mix, yell more than holiday greetings to one and all. So be careful. Oil your hands, form into hand size balls. Place your balls on waxed paper lined cookie sheet to set up.

This recipe is sort of a combo of rice crispy treats, popcorn balls and oh my goddess I have no idea where they all went.

These balls, kick ass. Don't be afraid to add your favs to the recipe, nuts, candies, sprinkles, but leave out the little plastic baby from the Kings Cake at Mardi bills being what they are.

Check out the other recipes for Holiday Balls at Domestic Witch's blog by clicking on the button at the top right. Lots of yummies for your thigh's er........tummy er.......enjoyment.


  1. Those sound delicious! I love marshmallows!

  2. Popcorn balls have to be the perfect Christmas treat and your is a great version!

  3. Sounds great, but my daughter has just lost 60 lbs. and is a diet Nazi now and she's preparing "munchies" for Christmas Eve dinner, sounds good to me and low maintenance, but jeez, she's become such an old poop!!! I'll be making my Mexican Wedding Cookies and Bischoches, the lard type, and she'll be making her special choco. chip cookies...that's all the indulgence I'll have at Christmas, oh yes, the tamales which I'm taking from here, already in the freezer.

    However, when I return, it's going to be Georgina's Annual Menudo Blow-0ut. That's when my bro comes down to EP with many Tupperware containers in hand and takes it back to Las Cruces!!!

    Oh yea, forgot, remember that zucchini on my FB page, Zucchini Bob, well, he awaits to be resurrected as sweet bread here very soon!! LOL

    Have a great one, my friend, and take care.

    Love, b&g,

  4. It sounds great Linda. I don't usually make popcorn balls but I'm tempted to do it this year. Have a great Tuesday and Georgina's menudo sounds great too.

  5. Gotta try this husband has a major addiction to popcorn balls. lol

  6. HA! Georgina - a diet Nazi!!! That's what I've become since Wt. Watchers on line... "cheese is not my friend". They sound wonderful though. **blows kisses** Deb


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