Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The doll arrived, the little spooky is here

First let me say................OMG my dashboard has been wiped clean and now I am alone. None of my favorite folks to go and watch, stalk, laugh with and enjoy. Everyone is gone. Google says there is a problem.......ya think??????????????????????

However, on the light side the little Spooky has arrived and GK is in love. Thank you so much Donna, the card enclosure was so sweet. Ms. Spooky is a prized member of our family now.


  1. Hi Linda! I'm glad little Spooky arrived savely :-) and that Gereakaye will take care of her now!
    another thing:
    I've made a new creation and post it on my blog, but nobody said a thing yet :-(
    I have 20 more followers because of Mrs.B., but it didn't help a thing.
    I feel a little sad about it.
    Maybe everybody is too buisy with themselves, i really don't know....

  2. Imagine a computer problem! Anybody ever heard of a problem with computers? Cute little dolly though!

  3. I think it's a great dollie and Gereakaye looks like she really loves it. Thanks for sharing. Now go get your chanclas on and rest your weary fee. I am. :D Take care.

  4. Linda, "Spooky" is very cute and will get lots of love from granddaughter!!
    Never fear. I lost all my followers a couple of months ago. Gone - wiped clean. They returned in a couple of days, thank goodness. I read of this happening to many bloggers from time to time. Don't you know we have to be tortured a little - it wouldn't be normal for this blogging business to go smoothly!?!?
    Have a great day!!

  5. I love wonderful to receive a prize...I treasure mine. Lucky GK!!

    xxoo b&g,

  6. Lovely girl and a lovely doll!
    Lots of love


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