Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good Sunday Morning

I have told you in past posts how I love Saturdays with the grandkids. We do our chores (the older one is getting really good at her jobs and the younger is willing to try anything), share a fast food lunch (we try not to do that very much except as a treat) and then just hang out doing what ever happens to happen. Yesterday the kids were in a particularly loving mood towards each other. They spent time playing with each other and doing chores together as well.

I grew up as an only because my sis and bro were 11 and 12 years older than I and also because of my Dad's warped sense of family. Anyway, I really never had a sibling to share kid stuff with. I also never had anyone to blame for the things that went wrong in my sphere of influence. The cocker spaniel named (what else in the 50's) Lady and the tuxedo kitty named Boots were my only siblings. Oh yeah and a blue parakeet named (you gonna guess) Tweety.

Side story here....the bird who sat next to the radio, starting singing jingles "brush you teeth with Pepsodent" and some parts of songs. The two that always make me laugh are the song Shake, Rattle and Roll. He would sing along and I thought he was saying Shake Marilyn Monroe......he was my smarter brother huh? The other was a song that had a line, "talk to me baby, whisper in my ear". He would dance around and hit his bell, come out the front door of his cage and do a fly around. It was so funny. Most of the time he stayed in his cage or on the open door way. The cat, Boots sat up on the bar where the cage was and observed and slept but never offered to hurt the bird. Even when the bird nibbled on his whiskers. Me on the other hand, he would lie in wait and jump me when I walked by. Bit my legs, chased me away from the bird. My Mom used to call him the guard kitty supreme.

Back to the now.....the kids were great playing together until just before Mom got home and then oh my heck....I thought they were going to eat each other. See what I missed out on as a kid? Never even yelled, "I'm gonna tell Mom when she gets home and I hope she locks you in a closet", My Momma doesn't have a key to the closet Sissy". The hysterical and the practical both are exhibited at the same time. I don't let them see me laugh, honest.


  1. Why do cats love paper so much? All the animals names I can remember form the 50's is my Grandpa's ct Peanut and his collie Riley. (Not a lot a of tv in the country....)

  2. You don't remember Lady and the Tramp???? Oh no Lucy tell me it ain't so.

  3. I think cat looks very comfortable all wrapped up. Just stopped by to say have a great week and I think I'll go wrap myself up in a blanket like the kitty. It's cold over here. Take care.


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