Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays blogger buddies........

Before time gets away from me, it kinda has a propensity to do so, and the grands and I get too involved in the cookie and candy making extravaganza we have planned. I want to wish each one of you the happiest and most blessed holiday (whatever it might be).

We are expecting a snowstorm of little impact here as compared with many of you who have a a biggie. GK has been watching the weather reports again and hoping for snow on Tuesday. Now the reports are the storm is going north of us again. Too bad, she really wants to play in snow of significant proportions. Like the 19 inches when she was 4. Kid is like an elephant, never forgets. I guess that means that we will have to go to the snow play area in the Sandia Mountains just below the ski area and slop through the slush with 5 million other folks the 26th. Could be worse huh?

Okay so here is my snow story to tide you over.

When Sweet Man and I got married back in the Jurassic period. We first moved to San Fransisco where the sun never shines in the winter....weeps copiously. And then back to ABQ and the next October we moved to Denver. There was 38 inches of snow on the ground where we were to live a little north of Denver proper. I had never driven on that much snow. Hell, I hadn't even seen that much snow except in the mountains.

Shelley was little and I had lost my mind and rescued a little dachshund/cocker spaniel puppy we named Herbie. We lived in a three story apartment building with no elevator and you are way ahead of me. Why yes we did live on the third floor. Great view. You should have seen me carry all the wood for the fireplace up the stairs. I would have Shelley and the dog, wait for me in the hallway so they could hear me and we talked about....whatever and Shelley sang and Herbie barked and I moved a half a cord of wood. Took me the better part of the day. It sure went faster when Shelley was taking her nap and the dog was locked in the bathroom. But I bet the neighbors were really glad when it was finished. I could have slept for a week.

As the holiday approached, the snow continued to accumulate and by Dec. 15 there was 47 inches on the ground. The front of the apartment was level with the ground but the back part of the building had steps to get down to the common area playground. I was going to let Herbie and Shelley play in the snow and took them out the back way. I wasn't thinking (see it didn't just happen lately) and didn't have a firm grasp of what would happen if a 22" child and an 8" dog stepped off of the stairs. By golly, you can lose little creatures in that white stuff.

Now Shelley started giggling so I was able to locate her but Herbie kept burrowing through the white stuff. I could see where he had been but not where he was. At first, because I was young I guess, or most probably because I like most 20 somethings didn't have good sense, I wasn't concerned. Then Shelley thought she would do what the dog was doing while I was trying to get to the dog. Well, I don't remember having a melt down but I guess I did because one of the same neighbors I had tortured with the log moving, came out of her apartment and help me wrangle the wild snow moles.

All of us were wet, very cold and some of us were in need of a hot toddy. Others got a warm bath and a nap. One would have thought that the dog would have had an aversion to snow after that but until the day he left us that strange dog would burrow his way through, eating as much snow as he could. He was a dyed in the wool snow mole his whole life. Funny little critter. Thanks for being in our lives Herbie.


  1. We had a dachshund just like that growing up, Bonnie. Our biggest snow was around 20 inches when I was little and she would run around the back yard, hopping, hopping and all you could see was her tail. Too funny.

    Our dachshund now, Spot, is a little too small to go out - but she does like it too. [what is it about dachshunds?]

    I hope the snow comes your way.

  2. wishing you likewise a very blessed yule and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you to get the snow you so desparately want.... I envy you and the grands and your cookie/candy event.... enjoy a little of that time for me will you.... enjoy your week Linda, hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends

  3. The snow always seemed deeper years ago. I too have a snow and dog story about a border collie we had named Timmie. Fond memories. thanks for sharing yours.

  4. Hi Linda. Thought I would come over and post my yuletide greeting to you as well because I too will be busy. What a wonderful story and how life must have been wonderful with Herbie around. It hurts so bad when they go but man do they give us a lot. Merry Christmas Linda to you and your family and God bless you for being such a fun loving person. Up Up and away I go...Whooooooooosh. Now dasher, now whoever, get a move on. hehehe bye.

  5. I love coming to yer bloggie, dearie...reading yer stories is kind of like going on a 3-day drunk, without the usual thought is "What the h---???!!!" because your life and stories are WILD!!!

  6. Ha snow moles! I hope you have a very blessed Yule. :)


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