Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday're it

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago before blogging became a obsessive/compulsive thing in my life, I used to be a 12 year old girl who wrote in "slam books" in junior high school. You know the book your classmates passed around so they could find out who you liked and what your dogs name was and what your favorite color was....(I never picked blue because everyone else did). Well kids, guess what, were here on the corner of "oh no you didn't" and "Really???, no seriously, Really????"

Of course there is a list of questions to answer and rules to abide by: isn't there always..... So here they are:

- Copy and paste the questions to your blog (check)

- Then Tag 5 or more of your favorite blogs and leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged. (check except, I don't want to lose any friends)

- When you post your blog, please spread some Holiday Cheer, and leave a link back to Heather's Blog as well as the one to the blog of the person who tagged you. (check, Heather is the troublemaker, girl, you are so getting coal and on the naughty list)

So here are the questions:

1. Have you started your holiday shopping? I don't really do a lot of shopping for gifts. We make gifts for each other. I do however scour the stores during the year for the "makings" for gifts.

2. Tell me about some of your favorite traditions. We always have Mexican food, tamales, posole, enchiladas, beans, tortillas and for dessert.....Jam cake. In another post awhile ago, I explained I was the only Mexican Hillbilly you probably ever meet. Dad from Northern NM, Mom from Tennessee

3. When do you put up your tree? My elf/gnome tree went up the day after Thanksgiving. But there is always a tree of one holiday bent or another in my dining room. Snowman, Valentine, St. Patrick, spring, faery folk, 4th of July, beachy, sunflower/harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then elf/gnome. My regular large variety) Holiday trees are: Mexicana (which includes loteria, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Day of the Dead items, or on those years I am feeling refined (yeah like that happens) I have an all gold, crystal tree. I also have a traditional child's tree with wooden ornaments, paper doll garland, and sweet handmade crafty items. My Sweet Man has joked for years that the only tree I don't have is one for Ground Hogs Day.......well I could do that too but I want him to think he has some control.

4. Are you a Black Friday shopper. Hell no. There is nothing out there that I have to have so badly that I would abuse myself or subject others to my lack of patience and wrath.

5. Do you travel for the holidays or stay at home. We have always stayed at home. Except the year my brother passed away, we spent New Year's Eve with he and his family in Colorado Springs. Pikes Peak fireworks at midnight is awesome.

6. What is your funniest holiday memory? The year police officer friends came by late on Christmas eve said "You in the house" and then sang us carols on their loudspeaker of the squad car. The neighbors were wary but we thought is was hilarious.

7. What is your favorite Holiday movie? It's Christmas Charlie Brown. Not because of the cartoon but because every year, SM has to tell the grands that I am just like Lucy VanPelt, born with crabby jeans.

8. Do you do your own holiday baking? Yes, I love sharing the duty with the grands and my daughter.

9. Fake or real tree? All of my trees are artificial. I love the smell of the real but cannot bring myself to supporting the cutting down of natures bounty for such a short time. I do however (I guess this means I am an enabler of sorts) go to the tree lots and ask for the scraps cut from the bottom. I have made our "yule log" from such for many years and the smell comes from the wood as well as the branches. It's lovely and I feel like I am recycling the bounty. I have even been known to go to the tree dump after the holidays and gather branches and also wood to use for potpourri and fragrance work.

10. What day does the actual panic set in to get it all done? Panic, we don't need no stinking panic.

11. Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas/Solstice Eve? Probably.

12. What is your favorite family fun time at the holidays? Going to see the Christmas lights and displays all packed in the car with hot cocoa in a thermos, biscochitos and popcorn that gets everywhere and singing at the top of our lungs. Even when it was just SM and I we did the same thing. Yes, we have been accused of being "nuts", and proud of it.

13. What holiday craft do you like the best? Oh my, that's like asking which grandkid I like better. The answer would be yes.

14. Holiday music yes or no? and if yes what is your favorite song? I love Grandma got run over by a reindeer. I love instrumental new agey, jazzy, Manheim Steamroller, non descript kinda stuff. Elevator music kinda. No singing and bellowing please.

15. When do you plan to finish your shopping? In general....never, for the holidays,....never. Shopping, it's what I do, but not like most folks, I consider "the deal" an art and think that paying full retail is against the laws of nature. I love junque and stuff and can make silk purses from whateva so look out clearance crappe'.

Now I have to tag five other bloggers and make them do this themselves, however, in true rebel without a clue style.............if ya wanta do this then fabu, if not then Tiny Tim said it best, God Bless us everyone. So this is my holiday gift(whatever holiday that might be) to you. I would love to hear your answers but not everyone has the time at this time of year to be answering questions etc.

But I must say Mother Moon's Message was very sweet to think of me and include me in her list of participants.

And to Heather who thunked this up, too cool. It is a very neat way to get to know folks and their holiday doings. Sorry about the coal and naughty comment but ya know.............I'm just sayin'.


  1. really made me shouldn't it hurts...he he!
    I love your answers though...and I spy a little of me in them...why are we all so different and yet so similar?
    How are you...I've been away so very long...

  2. I am coming to your place for christmas dinner... my kind of food... especially if you throw in a tres leche cake... my absolute favorite.... and of course where would you be if you didnt rebel a little and not do something required.... should have known.... I will expect my tameles in the mail tomorrow... :-)

  3. Linda you are just too funny. I love all those answers. Great ones. I hear Georgina has a bad virus on her computer. I was going to go to her blog but I got scared it would spread. hehehe. Take care.

  4. Celia: I love the mental picture of you in a trenchcoat...too much.

    Mother Moon: sorry I know I will also get coal in my stocking....sending imaginary tamales to you. Yum, yum my friend.

    Gloria: I'm sure whatever Georgina has is catching....LOL Pobrecita huh.

  5. hahaha Linda, you just crack me up! Great answers and I love that you make so many handmade things. You actually got me thinking on why do I have to wait til next year, so I went to the store and bought yarn and crochet hooks and I'm going to make some scarves. :)

    Thank you also for all the great support and ideas and advice you give me...i truly look forward to it. :)


  6. Thanks for coming out of hiding and commenting on my blog..your comment gave me the biggest smile of my day :) You've got a swell blog yourself, lady!! Love the Christmas exchange for JC, I'm gonna hijack your post and finish it for my Christmas eve posting.. :)

  7. Hey Linda!
    I decided to bring my bad ass self back over here and tell you thank you. :) Thank you for supporting me, I really appreciate it. I wasn't sure if I would be burned at the stake or what?? hahahaha
    And btw...get the rest of your foot out of the broom closet! It's exhilerating! LOL Everyone in my life knows I'm a witch and have for years, they totally accept me and it's great. I have never ever had anyone make bad comments to me or put me down and I know I'm very lucky. But since my blog is my diary, my vent and my journal I needed to get it out to my readers and friends in blogland.
    Thank you :)

  8. LOL I forgot to tell you that I'm totally in to playing the word game!! My word is begonet...alright my meaning is "be gone with ya, get the hell outta here and don't come back". lol
    Am I suppose to give you a word too? Brain dead totay lol


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