Friday, December 4, 2009

It's all about the little stuff

A friend sent these pix in an email and I thought the little piglet was so ugly that it is cute. The story goes, the pot bellied piglets Mom just left him alone and he almost froze to death. The folks who own the pig, found the piglet, took it inside and the families Rhodesian Ridgeback had just weaned a litter of puppies and instantly took to the little pig. Yeah, all ended well for the ugly little pig.

Just like a lot of folks at this time of year, I am in a rush and holding down a place in funk city. Woke up this morning and said "Am I blue?", or is it just my pajamas?

I love the kid's excitement, I am glad we are making decorations and ornaments and orange thingies with cloves stuck in them, I like the way the gnome and elf tree came out. I even included the psychedelic San Fransisco snowflakes from our (Sweet Man and I) first Christmas in the city by the bay. But there's a butt. And not a pork butt for posole.

For some reason, unknown to the sane, I am depressed. Can't seem to get my mojo working. I put on the Christmas music, turned on the tree lights and lit up the ceramic village from when Shelley was little, fixed some spiced cider, popped some corn, lit some pinon incense and still the needle on the emo meter is flat. I am sure it will pass but..........just doing my best Eeyore imitation I guess.