Friday, December 25, 2009

Naughty or Nice is purely relative

Relative because most of the ones to whom I am related and live outside of my house think I'm a naughty old biddie. But if I went off of public opinion I might get a complex and quite frankly Scarlet, Tara is not big enough for more complexes. I loved a comment made by someone out there in blogdom...called me her vinegary friend. Why yes, my dear Penniwig and that is precicsely why there ain't no flies on me.

Now Santa on the other hand must have been impressed with my playing of Eartha Kitts rendition of Santa Baby and a few bribes I offered because I got a really nice gift. Now keep in mind, Sweet Man and I have always down played the gift thingie part of the extravaganza of money wasting so we did good again. He got some books on audio (he is in outside sales so it helps to pass the driving time quite nicely) and I received a food processor since I am head cook and bottle washer to the herd and am tired of chopping and slicing and made a big ole scene and wept copiously and finally both he and Shelley got the hint.

The kids on the other hand....oh my. We probably change our carbon footprint from the rustling of the vast amount of paper that came off of the haul they received. Good thing you can recycle that stuff huh? Hello Kitty, Pixar Cars, roaring dinosaurs, computer games, WII crapee (remember it is french), and the partridge in my pear tree died from the visual overload of all the presents.

And here's my story from the past.
Every parent in the world has a story like this one.

When Shelley was 10 months old, her first Christmas, she received a huge old Big Bird and a bazillion other toys and etcs. But when it came right down to it her favorite thing was..........yeah we've all been there, the box it came in. It lasted for about a week and then I had to throw it out. She loved laying in the box and laughing. I don't know, maybe it was a portent of the future since she has used boxes and moved 50 million times in her young life.

Ry got more french word than you could possibly shake a stick at and yet....his favorite item, a stocking giftlet, is a lighted spinning thingie that is about 4" long. He has used it for everything he has done today. From fixing our brains, Goddess love him, if it were only so, to watching it spin and twirl through another clear globe and saying he could see something important in there. Yeah, I'm not asking cuz maybe he's found a new way of scrying. You never want to play around with important info like that.

GK is playing with her....say it, go ahead say it, DS in the other room. She is learning the very important task of learning how to Party with Sims. Pray for all of us. Someone needs to explain to this old bat why you need to party with pretend people.....oh yeah cuz it's only 4 more years until she is a teenager and we have to prepare her now.

Christmas time, gotta love it cuz it's over, yeah. Ebenezer is a family name on my Mother's side thank you very much.


  1. Good heavens, dearie! What a crew...what a the Christmas was a jolly one (and a jolly strange one) glad you got a real food processor, and not the Slap Chop thingie...I got CASH, I always ask for cold, hard cash, thank'ee...

  2. You are far from a Scrooge, regardless of family names, hee.

    Sounds like a nice Christmas. We actually broke down and bought Wallene a Wii - and have been laughing our heinies off bowling against eachother.

    And the tennis? It is never going to happen for Skippy. Just saying.

    arildou is my verification word and it is french for "put the Wii controller down old lady." giggle

    [ps I like this word verification game! thanks]

  3. A food processor is a wonderful thing! Merry Christmas to you and yours! PS I don't think you're so vinegary!

  4. Hi Linda! Did you know i read all your stories?, but sometimes i don't really understand what you mean, and don't leave a comment because of this hahaha! I'm from Holland :-( By the way, i love all the nice, cute, funny pictures! My sisters daughter also has a DS and she's sooo addicted to it. If you say: do you want $50, she doesnt even hear it! Your grandkids are blessed to have a grandma like you! :-) x Donna
    p.s. my link on your blog doesnt work

  5. You are a good grandmother and lucky they are. Hope your Xmas was great and also hope you have a great New Year.

  6. What the odd!
    I know the Ebenezers...they came to visit once but never came back...don't know why....

    Glad you had a Jolly Holiday my lovely gal...your Grands look scrummy!

    My verification word is "cones"...well, that just speaks for itself...

  7. You are a crackup. I love your style. And you are so right about naughty or nice being relative. All my relatives are naughty 80% of the time and nice 10%. The missing 10% is somewhere in between where they/we are being naughty but no one's figured it out yet.

    Happy new year!


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