Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ornament exchange

I feel like I hit the jackpot. First I win a doll from Donna's dolls, then the ornaments from the Pampering Beki's ornament exchange I got from Tammy are sweet as can be and the grandkids are fighting over who gets what and then Tammy goes and takes pix of my ornaments I sent to her and shares them with the world.

I think that is called the trifecta. Yay for me.

Now to catch you up with the grands and their doings. By the way the picture is when Ry was about 7 months old. Cutie patootie.

For those of you who may be new to my insanity, my 5 year old grandson, 9 year old granddaughter and my darling daughter Shelley moved in with us the end of June.

My g son Ry is autistic and has a temporary diagnosis of Aspergers. I say temporary cuz none of this stuff when it comes to shrinks and dinks and thinks goes quickly. His doctor is a very caring, nice lady who does not wish to rush to judgement. In the mean time the rest of us don't have to have labels anyway. Ry is high functioning and is a kick in the pants. He has a wonderful sense of humor and enjoys life. All of his teachers, counselor and most other adults find him entertaining, intelligent, sweet, charming and totally RyLeigh. Sometimes he is exurberant, hard to manage and out of control but that is not all the time. He loves to sing, draw, paint, paste, count, tell you what letter things start with and the sound the letter makes. He also loves cars, robots, monster, dinosaurs and movies. The thing is people.....he repeats things 926,728 times. He can repeat every line of any film he has ever seen. Will sing a song until the notes are worn out (my mental picture). And has some ticks when it comes to, oh say, life.

I help him to get ready for school every morning. I say help because I have made it my mission in life to enable him to be who he can be, not who others have not expected him to be. In other words, I am a hard old broad who wants my g son to be able to do for himself because by golly he can. Anyway, he has issues with things not matching, socks mostly but not exclusively. Sometimes it's as if other pieces of clothing have it in for him, especially textures. The socks must be right side out, same brand in order for him to put them on. And every time he wants to know if it is the right or left sock. Sweet man and I always smile about putting socks on the correct foot, too funny. So you see he has a tick.

When it comes to food, it is the same. We only eat eggs, basted (Oma eggs), scrambled with tons of cheese (Papa eggs) and hard boiled (evil and gagging eggs). Also for breakfast he will eat hot dogs in buns and grilled cheese sandwiches. The first time I poured him a bowl of cereal OMG, you would have thought I was trying to poison him. Poor kid. Now after almost 6 months, he has me trained, but then again I have gotten him to "try" some things and not freak out about it. He would only eat chicken and mostly just McDonald's nuggets (shouldn't there be a law against those nasty things?). Now, he eats beef, pork, turkey so long as you refer to them as "chicken". He is a good eater and as long as you have the right attitude, he is pretty willing to do anything for you. We so love our special boy and are so proud of him and happy to have him here with us. I can't imagine life without his quirks.

So this morning when I lost my mind and fixed him 2 hot dogs on buns and stupidly put ketchup on them. His response was "this ketchup sure is salty". Before, he may have run out of the room never to return. Instead, I wiped the dogs off, he inspected my work, both dog and bun. He proceeded to eat them and then tell me, "silly Oma, you made a big mistake". Hurray, yet another milestone passed. Forgiveness and recognition that it is okay. Made my day. I'm a happy old bat.


  1. Good Morning! Congrats on your trifecta!!! How cool is that?!?

    And wow...it sounds like you really have a houseful...my thoughts are with you...

    Thank you for the Australian Dream idea. I went to Walgreens and found it. Yay! Except I only brought 10 dollars with me and it was $25 dollars. LOL So I'm still using my homemade salve and I'm going to run up today and try it.

    Hugs!! and Hang in there!!

  2. Hey Crazy Lady, I know exactly what you're talking about. My youngest, Ian, is autistic and now 24, but he had some strange ticks when he was little. He's outgrown most, but he freaks out if I forget to put my earrings on when we go out...when he was little, he knew when Mommy put on her earrings, that meant, bye-bye. He insists that I go back into the house and put some on...oey vey. He also used to have some strange eating habits, but later I found out that his senses were greater than ours, so tastes, sounds, certain colours and lights would twist his world around. Now he eats just about everything, even my menudo...my only real Beaner kid...the other 2 have never really developed the pallet for it especially when they found out what it's made of...wieners!!

    Got a kick out of Ry's thing about not liking your country...tell him to come to MY country and he can have all the snow he wants...hate the stuff....got my fill of it in Germany. Hopefully, will be gone tomorrow!! Bub-by snow!!

    Well, must return to the studio where I'm making Christmas gifts...just wanted to check in with you. Have a great day and please do some misbehavin'!!

    Love ya and bg,


  3. So wonderful of you to take them in. I know your daughter must be so grateful. My close friend's oldest has Aspergers...is is an adult now. They sent him to a school on the east coast just for Aspergers once he grew up to help him. He is and always has been the most loving kid and a big blessing. About MeowMeow...that cat is not right in the head!
    **blows Christmassy kisses** Deb

  4. My little boy is also autistic and high functioning. He is nine now and doing fabulous. I appreciated how you said you push your little grandson to do things for himself. I am exactly the same way. I love my little guy just the way he is but I will not hinder his growth and maturity by underestimating him. He is great with adults but still struggling with same age peers. He goes to a social skills group that really helps. He used to bolt out of the room all the time when he was younger and it made me laugh to hear you describe it. These children are precious and funny and delightful. My little boy makes me laugh everyday. Enjoy this darling boy!!!

  5. Tamara, Gerogina,Deborah and Beck-Ryans Mom: Thank you for your kind remarks. Some days, a little kindness is just enough to help more than you will ever know.

  6. Wieners are a perfect food. To be served anytime of day. Will cover three food groups: Grains, protein and starch! I'm not sure where the red dye falls in....

  7. Sounds to me like you are doing a very good job Linda. I'm sure your g/children can see that. You are making lots of memories and will be grateful later on. You go girl. Have a great Wednesday. I'll take a hotdog please, no ketchup:D


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