Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Claus, sneaked into my house before midnight

When I was a wee little six year old girl, my parents and I lived in a house which was in the Country Club section of Albuquerque. Not too far from Old Town, or downtown, which way back then I could walk to the Kimo movie theatre and back at age 8 and my parents weren't the least bit concerned. I walked 2.8 miles to Elementary school too and thought nothing of it, across Route 66 no less.

That is the section of ABQ that I told you about where all the luminaria tours are on Christmas Eve. Here is a great video explanation of the bags with sand and light and it's kinda cute besides.

Well even back in the stone age when I was little, folks would come from all around to see the lights and luminarias, particularly at the Heibenstreit house. Blue lights outlined all the windows of this huge home and thousands of luminarias lined the sidewalks, walkways and around every 100 year old cottonwood on the 2 acre property. It was awesome. We lived in the area and our street was one that was used to get to where all the big houses with all the fancy displays were. We could hardly back out of the driveway on Christmas Eve.

This particular Christmas Eve, we got a late start from the house and the traffic was awful. My Mom had forgotten her purse inside, which mad us have to wait even longer to go see the lights. By the time we got back from our touring of the our area and the Pill Hill which is where most of the doctors in ABQ lived at the time, it was late. I was afraid I was gonna be in deep stuff with Santa cuz I might not be in bed and asleep in time.

And we walked in and that tricky old elf had already been there. My folks told me he must have been to our house first because he had a really busy schedule. I got a Madame Alexander Cissy doll in a lilac colored dress, shoes with gloves, pearl necklace and earrings and a darker purple hat with the most beautiful golden blond hair. I also got an electric stove, Revere ware copper bottom pots, pans and kettle and the sweetest enameled heart necklace with a pink rose bud on it. (this necklace is significant because it sorta brought my husband and I together but that's for another post).

I sure wish Santa would have done that when Shelley was little. Started at our house that is. Sure would have been nice to sleep late in the morning. But Santa is not only a jolly old elf but a pretty crafty one too. Sure am glad he isn't forgetful like my Mom and her purse. ;)

I had to repost because some fool decided to send a weird message. Sorry guys, thanks Gloria.

glorv1 said...
Hmmm, that previous post sounds a little risque to me. That was a great story Linda. I always loved waiting for Santa Claus, he never came though or rather I never got to meet him. In the morning there were presents under the tree, but I could have sworn I heard some sneaking around. hehehe. I enjoyed reading about the old times in Albuquerque. Have a great Thursday.

December 16, 2009 7:22 PM


  1. What a lovely Christmas story. Beautiful luminaries too.

  2. Oh I am so jealous of your very spoilt little girl!

    Your mum sounds lovely...if a little forgetful!!

    I love your blue PAN badge...very sophisticated...just like you!

    The veri' word is corpot...what do you think?

  3. Oh...this verification word is corowe...I like that one more...can I swap?!

  4. Hello!

    Thanks for the nice comment! It wqas a hard way to arrive to the point where I would heed to noone's sullen words, but yes, it worths fighting:)

  5. hi...thanks for stopping by my blog. i will be returning to yours to read it but i am up to my eyeballs in christmas cookies at the moment! stop back and enter my giveaway. i have one that ends tomorrowe morning but will be posting a big one which begins tomorrow so you can enter both if you want to!

  6. What a wonderful story to share!!

  7. Oh, such a lovely post!

    Thank you for stopping by at my blog and for your sweet words!

    I hope we "see" each other often from now on! :o)

    Kisses from Nydia.

  8. Linda,
    You were the 7th (and final)commentor to the BWBA 2nd chance blog giveaway but failed to email your mailing address. Please do so ASAP to - our artists are chomping at the bit for me to post their recipients and get them mailed out! :-)



  9. Boy oh boy, just wait until my husband gets to see yer bloggie...he moved to ABQ as a young man, attended UNM, moved to Cruces, up to Pojuaque (spelling, sorry), back down, back up, all over...he has such fond memories of ABQ...

    My my, what lovely presents Santy left you that long-ago Christmas!!!


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