Monday, December 7, 2009

The size of a sense of humor

Good Monday morning world.

I have a question to pose this morning. You may have the answer and then again you may not but here it is. Why is it that I can give Ry instructions like get dressed, eat your breakfast, etc and they don't penetrate his autistic filter. But let me say something laced with sarcasm or humor and he gets that.


"Oma, I can't find my coat."

"Look in your closet Ry."

"Oma, I can't find my coat."

"Okay Ry if I find it, you are going to have to eat it."

(I find it in his closet and say) "Okay Ry, you're going to have to eat it."

"That's good Oma, it will be really yummy."

Oh my, is it that the holes in the filter are greased by sarcasm? Is he shining me on and it is being a boy that makes him ignore me? Well, my lovelies, what do you think?


  1. Perfectly normal...I know!!! My son has a great sense of humour...can't help it...he's got some of me in him!!! Those filters are something else, but instructing him to do all that distracts him, or rather, he'll do it, but not necessarily in that order. Someday, I'll have to tell you stories about Ian when he was younger and some of the things I had to rig to get his attention and understand it's all part of what is important to him...oey vey!!

    Hang in there, he's perfectly fine and he just happens to have lots of you in him!! LOL

    Abrazos b&g,

  2. Well, he sounds perfectly normal to me!!! HA! Too cute, and you are just too darn sweet, my friend!
    **blows kisses** Deb

  3. Yes he does sound perfectly normal to me too Linda. He just wants you to get the coat out of the closet. One day you should say, "Get you coat out of the closet dear." Then say, "Oh wait, it's not there, it's hanging on the chair, can you please get it?"
    See what he does. In any event, he is fine, just pulling your leg, or ears or nose.:D Take care.

  4. *hehe* too funny! Sounds like the daily occurances in our home as well!
    Thanks for visiting my blog too!!
    Blessed be!

  5. you dear girl need a button... so that I can post you on my site.... I love the story.... kids you just have to love them... esp... little boys....


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