Sunday, December 13, 2009

This guy came from the Nightmare before after and between Xmas

Ry has given us some very interesting new Christmas tree decos this year......the very scary merry huge hand snow guy and Marty the toothpick Hedgehog just to name a few. Both of my grands love to draw. GereaKaye is pretty good, Ry likes to use lots of paper. But to be fair so did GK and Shelley before them at the age of 5. But last night as we were waiting for Mom to get home to deco the tree. They were finishing some paper cut out ornaments. GK left to get something to drink and Ry got her ornament and drew on the back..........he is notorious for this. Just has to add his spin to everyone else's peaceful endeavors. And as they say at the boxing was on (like donkey kong).

Fins and feathers and fur flying have become a part of the landscape around here as of late. Had to send them to their beds a couple of times yesterday. To the naughty corner too. And didn't I just say in a post two days ago it was getting better??????? Jinx my ass. Anyway, they were at each others throats many, many times yesterday.

My Mom (Lord love her), used to tell me that she had to spank me at least 3 times just before Christmas because I would get so out of control. Shelley too. I mean I didn't spank her but her crank got turned way too many times just before the fat mans arrival. But Ry just takes the cake, hell the whole bakery. What a boy. What a lucky boy. What a very lucky boy.

But the tree is decorated, the halls are boughed, the nog is egging and I am just about finished with the sewing so.....Happy Hanakkah, Blessed Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and what the hell ever else comes in December, probably the men in white coats with a straight jacket for me and if I am really good a cage for Ry.

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  1. ROFLMAO! That cracked me up. I think all kids get that way right before a holiday as massive as Christmas. :)


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