Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is too gorgeous not to share with you

A friend sent these pix to me with no name as to the photographer. I know I should not pass along unless I can give credit but this is just too wonderful. My apologies to the photographer in advance.

These pix were taken in Yellow Knife Canada, it is of the northern lights. The temperature was -37 degrees below zero people. Colder than I ever want to know about.

The first picture is of a fire rainbow. The rarest of the atmospheric phenomena. The clouds must be cirrus, the clouds must be at just the right distance from the earth and the sun must hit the ice crystals at 53 degrees. Wow. Mother Nature Rocks


  1. Great pics!! Just a bit too cold for me, though...prefer sunshine to snow, bleh!

  2. WOWWWEEE!! That's sooo beautiful! I thought this light was only on the northpole? Yes, mother earth and around her is wonderful, but people are destroying it every day a little more, till there's nothing left....

  3. HOLY MOLY!!! Stunning! If I saw that in person I be yelling "Jesus is coming" up and down the street!
    ♥ Deb


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