Saturday, December 12, 2009

The tree is going up.....

My daughter works really hard as a waitress in a small diner, Mick's Chili Fix. Best green chile carne adovada breakfast burrito in Albuq according to the paper. They are almost always busy with customers and most of those are regulars. So what I am saying is that the place is booming. Mick and Shannon have been friends with Shelley for a number of years and met when GK and their son Alex were in Kindergarten together. Shelley has to be up by 5 to get to work at 6:00 for the breakfast run. Meanwhile back at the ranch, we lazy bums are just getting up at 9 ish on Saturdays. So by 8pm, my girl is starting to fade a little and the kids are in full swing.

Tonight is the big deal put up the tree night. Cookies, carols, cocoa and all the remembering we can fit into one session of family time. I am looking forward to it and also dreading it, just a little. But then I know you all know how it is with kids. Something is bound to get broken or some other tragedy of the oops variety. With a big dog and large tail that happens too. So care should be taken huh? We'll try but that's as good as it gets. We have made many of the ornaments this year because Shelley wants the kids to have not only memories of bygone times but also new beginnings for the kids. She is a very conscientious Mom about how her kids are adjusting to being apart from their Dad and melding in here.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I admire her efforts to try to forestall any bad juju when it comes to the kids feelings. It is a hard balancing act but she is getting adept at walking a tightrope. We had a wonderful "talk" yesterday to get some things readjusted. What we do is like emotional chiropractic. We adjust our alignment and can manage better. It is essential for two strong woman to make the effort to stay in tune so that we don't over step or step on each other. I am proud of us. We two, head strong broads are on the same team and it is fabu, I tell you. And the kids don't stand a tinkers dam chance not to be healthy, happy and disciplined.

It's funny, most folks think disciplined means reprimanded, corrected, made to do something in a certain way. We think disciplined means to be good examples and give guidance, and a good attitude. Also an occasional love tap and a trip to the naughty corner help. But that is happening less and less often all the time.

So we're off to do our chores, get ready for tonight and keep our fingers crossed that the cat stays out of the branches, the lower branches don't get disseminated by swishing St. Bernard tail and that the kids don't decide to decorate without us. They are chompin' at the bit. Whoa, kiddos.


  1. Sounds like it's going to be a great ole time Linda. How fun it sounds. Enjoy yourselves and drink lots of chocolate. I'm sure the kids will enjoy themselves as well. Have you heard if Georgina got her computer fixed. Remember she had a virus. I hope she did. Take care.

  2. The kids will understand and appreciate all your efforts. I take my hat off to you!

  3. Have a truly nice evening, and congratulations to your exceptional good and respectful mother and daughter
    You are awesome Linda!

  4. hope last night went well.. yet.. I think with a grandma like you how could it not.... those kids are showered with good intentions and wraped with love... they are lucky as is your daughter.... Blessed Yule to all of you.....

  5. Hope your evening was wonderful and filled with new memories!


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