Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where have all the foolish people come from?????

I am a big old liar. I did go shopping for a last minute gift.

Okay, I have been on the planet long enough to realize that two weeks before Christmas is not a good time to be doing casual shopping because everyone else is out with a list, a reason and a problem. I had a friend way back in the day who said that there were only two kinds of people out after Halloween doing present shopping, they were (now this is a quote so don't have a tizzy fit), idiots and assholes. Well, I have always considered myself a bit of a fool but today I became a full fledged idiot.

I was sewing the grands Christmas presents and showed them to Sweet Man who said we needed to get tops to go with off we went to join the I and A group. Great oogly moogly, they were everywhere. No cheer, no smiles, no drop of human kindness. You know me and my sense of over exaggeration, it wasn't nearly that bad but oh my. It has been several years since I have been out to Target in search of anything in particular at mid day, mid December. Big Mistake. Us old broads know you have to go to the discount stores early in the morning before everyone else thinks about it. Or can get their kids dressed and moving.

We found long sleeved t's on sale, whoo hooo, didn't have to bite anyone or fight for the last purple one or anything. But the lines were well coo coo. But the register clerk had either had a really good lunch date (wink, wink) or was blessed with kind genes cuz she was adorable. So ya see, I am an idiot. It's not so bad out there. There are nice people shopping, and gifting and searching (my tongue is presently shoved so hard into my cheek). And I'm not going out until Jan. 5 when the kids go back to school.

I love that day and the day that school starts in the fall. You can spot the Mom's of school age kids cuz they are the ladies with big old grins on their faces just walking up and down the aisles kinda humming and spreading all kinds of chillin' vibes all over the store. I used to be passed that spot in my life until the grands moved in with us. Now I am like all the other caretaker adult's.....glad to see the little buggers go back to school.

I guess the guidance counselor at G's school was thinking the same thing from her vantage point, that of when do we get out of school when she left a recorded message yesterday for all the parents. She announced blah blah craft show Saturday blah blah and the last day of school is Dec. 11. HUH????? YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! That's a week earlier than I had thought....I almost had a set of dishes and a litter of kittens. Then my daughter tethered me back on my moorings and said that must be a mistake cuz G's Christmas party at school is the 18th. Whew, I almost blew all my gaskets.

It was made official today with a retraction phone call stating that the guidance counselor had had a brain fart. Bet she hasn't finished her holiday shopping either.


  1. You are one big hoot!

    You think it's bad for those mum/caretakers?

    I have and still am, homeschooling my sprogs...never get rid of them!
    They're always with me...well not the eldest he goes to college for three days...apart from everywhere...24 hours!

    I'm laid back I love having kids around...just not other peoples...they bug me...he he

    How would you like that!

  2. Don't blow a gasket Linda, what will we do if you are not around. You are funny and it's people like you who make the world go round. Just enjoy each day. Happy weekend.


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