Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where oh where has dear Georgina gone, oh where oh where can she be..............

with her computer on the fritz and our goats running amuck....oh where oh where can she be?

I miss you, Gloria misses you, my grandkids miss you and even Ms. Willow has asked Donde esta La Vieja Loca, Mamacita? And you didn't think my dog was bilingual.

Because your computer did not wear the appropriate protection during intimate contact with a European website it got a bad, bad, viral something or other. I'm just saying.......Hope you are at Miss Daisy's and read this letter of......well you get it.

Blessings and Goats, Linda

I am of course speaking of and hopefully to, the Gorgeous Georgina from La Llorona Arts, Georgina is quite possibly the funniest, sweetest, most interesting and did I mention funniest human bean (takes one to know one) on the face of blogdom and I miss you.


  1. Proper protection is always imperative! Even for our computers, but I find that just owning a Mac, I don't have to worry about those distasteful things.

  2. You are very fortunate indeed. Ms Georgina should take a page from your book huh?

  3. although I dont have one now have to agree... you never have those kind of issues with a mac.... hopefully in time she will recoup and return ..

  4. Georgina will be back and just as funny as ever. Hope all is okay with you Linda and I really enjoyed your posts for the Christmas season. I have to go now because it's time to go try and get some exercise at Curves. I have to pack up some oranges, tangerines, and lemons for the ladies. I bid you farewell for now.
    :::ta ta ta ta::: heheheeHave a great day.

  5. That's what i also wanted to say about you, Linda. I didn't hear from you for a while...not on my blog and not on your own blog after many comments on your messages. But you finally visited my blog :-) As i allready answered on your older posts: I'm so happy Spooky is having a wonderfull live with GK!


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