Monday, December 21, 2009

while we are on the subject......

Have ya noticed how when I get on a roll, I roll.

I mean, I told ya two sicky stories in a row and now I would like to tell you about yet another adventure of Herbie the snow mole. Wish I had some easily accessible pictures of him to share, but since I have been sequestered into a size 2 room with a size 9 foot, I can't find nothing man.

He was a small black dog with cocker ears and coat and doxie red markings (you know the little polka dots over his eyes and on his tummy). In today's fashion dog world he might have been called a cockerdox.

He had a compatriot in crime, an all white cat named Cricket (sorta like the one in the photo). The two of them were like kittens together. Always curled up to sleep, always chasing and being crazy. Herbie even developed the grooming habits of a cat and also had "foes". That's when you know darn well that there is nothing there but the cat starts chasing something like it's the last job they will ever do, or stare into space with a crazed look like some thing's coming to get them. Well the dog did it too. I called them FRIC and FRAC. They did all things alike. If the dog could have meowed he would have and the cat did try to bark when the dog did. Cricket would stand in the window when someone would come to the door and make this grunting sound as the dog was hysterically barking at the doorknob.

I know they are not the only animals who crossed over the boundaries of cat and dogdom but they are the only ones I ever had who were dats or cogs.

Their next to the best, trick was to run after each other through the house and use the sliding glass doors in the den to bounce off of. They would hit the doors about 4feet off the ground like they were rounding third base. They would keep it up for as long as the humans allowed it. Goodness only knows how long they did it while we were gone to work. But we would come home and the curtains were sometimes off the doors and the two idiots were all tired out and curled up together all innocent and sweet.

Their favorite trick was to groom each other in front of company. Sometimes that was a little risque and well embarrassing. But what are ya gonna do, just like kids telling the families secrets to company.

Unfortunately, Herbie, when left in the back yard for potty duty would take it upon himself to make the great escape. He would jump the wall and instead of coming to the front door, would make the 4 block excursion to the nearest McDonald's.

The dog just loved french fries. He would depart and I would go searching and there he would be with someone feeding him french fries. Little stinker. One day he must have found someone who did not heed his tags which read (this is real) "this dog has run away again and belongs at.........(the address)". We had the tag made specially for this gypsy mutt. Many times folks would bring him back and give me a lecture about proper pet care (but lady, he has to pee sometime), alrighty then, many times folks would bring him back laughing at the tag and on one occasion they tied him to the mailbox with a note that said, "here he is again". Even the manager at McDonald's had our home number and did call when he saw him.

He was like greased lightening when he got in the backyard. I tethered him on the clothes line but it was too cruel. He would wind himself around the poles. This was before the invisi fences they have now, not that I think that would have stopped him. We tried wire atop the 8 ft fence. Yeah right like that was gonna stop him. He just had a hankering for french fries and had to obey his desires. Anyway, the way I figure it, he went with a big spender who bought him the large size fries and couldn't read English.

As for his buddy Cricket. It took him a long time to adjust to being an only cog, until we got our first Saint Bernard Annabelle. Lotta dog to be so afraid of a little white cat but that's another story.