Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ya know sometimes ya find a jewel and here she is

There I was doing my evening read of my fav blogs and my dashboard (which btw has been miraculously put back in order by Google, lord love um) says that a new friend has posted something. That new friend is C at Stick Horse Cowgirls. She has an quiet elegant style of putting things "just right". She has an excellent explanation of blogging that I know you will enjoy.

Give her a read, I think you will like it.

Hope your new week is a great one.

blowing wintery kisses, Linda


  1. Linda! Thank you so much. I enjoy your blog, too--except, that is, for that Christmas countdown! Yikes!! C

  2. Yes, Linda did it well, but I find that we all 'have what it takes." In my opinion, anything that comes from your heart works beautifully and if we didn't love doing this....? Well, you know...


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