Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You have 5 days left to send your cards to the Red Cross


It comes to mind as I looked at how I had GK pose that this looks like a booking picture......not that I would know but I certainly hope it is not a portent of her future. And look at that chin. She could stab someone with that thing. Course she got that from did her mom.....we are three generations of sharp chinners.

This isn't about us but about sending cards to the Holiday for Heros project for the Red Cross. So if you are like me and waited until the last have until Dec. 7th to send the cards.


  1. Hi Linda.
    Your granddaughter is adorable, chin and all. How nice that you have her involved in the "heroes" project. Thanks for the reminder. I will get my card in the mail today!
    I enjoy your posts, Linda!! (:

  2. Good Morning!!
    hahahaha isn't it funny what traits are passed down and which ones aren't?? You all are blessed with the pointy chins, we are blessed with double chins. I've spent my whole life keeping it at bay. lol
    and btw, your granddaughter is absolutely beautiful and she has a smile that would light up a room. :)

  3. This is such a good cause. My son arrived in Iraq just before Christmas last year and he was thrilled to get a few cards from complete stranger. It does mean the world to them. Good job, my friend! ♥ Deb


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