Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Art Linkletter....if ya don't know who he is read on my dears................

Art Linkletter was a man on a TV show named "Kids say the darnest things", I think. Maybe it was the Art Linkletter show and they just had kids say the darnest things, what the hell eva. And I did this explanation for those of you under 40, er 50. All of you young brats, heehee

The jist of all this is that when I was but a snip of a girl, my parents used to watch this program on our, dare I say and white TV. Yes girlies, I do remember and lived through the black and white ages of TV. Howdy Doody, Ed Sullivan, I'm humming "She loves me yeah, yeah, yeah" by the Beatles, I remember watching Jim Morrison (wiping drool from my face) be the quintessential bad boy and defying Ed by taking him "Higher" and that damned Popo Gigio rat thing. And Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and local dialing for dollars programs, ick.

Back to the a youngster, the things the kids said were mildly funny. You know telling stories on their parents behavior that sometimes was a little shocking or telling. Oops, blushing on 1950's faces.

When I had my own darling girl (she is, honestly, even if I call her the Queen of Happiness, she knows I love her quirky and mildly vacant attitude), I learned up close and personnal that kids in fact embarrass the crap out of you. I don't care who you are, they find a way of saying things that you just wish you could disappear through the saying of or worse telling something you had rather that the person they are telling would never have to hear. As they say, been there done that.

One time Shelley told the lady next door that Daddy and I sat and listened to them on their "special night" of making the bed bump the wall and laughed. Blushing don't even cover it. Another time she went up to a lady in the supermarket and told her, "For goodness sake, didn't your Mom teach you better manners, because my Mom said she would be glad to do it for you". Ouch, run Linda or better yet say, Hey who's kid is this while looking around? Funny now, but oh, the adrenaline and humiliation rush.

Now we have moved on to a whole new generation of big ears and tell alls.

Funny how we all want to share things we know. Sometimes, not so funny but humouros, sometimes oh shit.

I can't even go into the details because it could cause some difficulties for us all but it goes without saying........shut up people Linda, SM, Mommy, Sissy, Ry. Be careful what you say cuz it will come back and bite you in the butt.

And I can see each one of you out there going.....yeah, me too, at one time or other.

Ain't life grand?

Aren't we lucky to have this opportunity to share "VIS", very important stupidities? I think so, I love your responses to my shared insanity.

I worked for a mean old man one time, who had only one smart thing ever come out of his mouth as advice......endeavor to persevere. So, you heard the man. Keep on keeping on.

ps After posting these pictures, it's like the ridiculous to the sublime


  1. I certainly remember The Art Linkletter show...I loved it. He was truly a lovely man. Ah, the good old days! Thank you for your sweet comment, but I will be 57 next month. I had my babies late, but not as late as some today, and not by choice...just how life worked out. Actually it's worked out nicely! **blows 2010 kisses** Deb

  2. Art had such an annoying little tinny voice. Can you imagine listening to him on a daily basis?

  3. I do remember him and I remember Light My Fire. I remember b/w tv. My Grandfather would watch cowboys and injuns. hehehehe. I think that's what they called it in those days. My my, we've come a long way, haven't we:)))

  4. Sorry, but I got stuck on the photo of Jim. Mmmmmm Jim Morrison!!

  5. dear linda you are showing your age... but yes... the picture of Jim Morrison... still yummy even by today standards...


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