Saturday, January 2, 2010

Even when I try to be clear, I'm partly cloudy

I wished I had a picture of someone with their eyes crossed and confused but this will have to do.

Oh my lovelies, I didn't mean to be even more ubiquitous (seeming to be everywhere) than usual. Or obfuscate (to confuse, stupidy, bewilder) the rules of the game to you. But damn, I screwed up.

I should have said...on my screen, on most of your blogs, after I have jotted down my thoughts, I scroll down to see what the verification word is........before I enter the word in the blank box,  I scroll back up, I wrack my brain for the "definition" and then type that information to you, in the same comment box, then I scroll back down, enter the verification word and select......submit. And sometimes, after I have done all this, there is a delicious morsel of alphabetic nonsense staring at me and I have to comment that to you too.

And if all goes well, you smile. If not you end up being even more confused because of me.

I am sorry I bewildered some of my favorite lovelies in blogotropolis. I tend to do that. My mind, mouth and intentions somehow get out of sync with one another.

I'd swear it is because I worked with adolescents for too many years, and that didn't help any but let's face it a loon is a loon is a loon. Que?


  1. Are you on crack????!?!?!?!?!? I swear, you're "togrerci" needs an overhaul and lots of pharmaceuticals!!! LOLOLOLOL

    The menudo came out great and my sweet man is making me tamales with eggs for breakfast/lunch...I slept in....such a sweetheart. I had an awful headache yesterday and I think it was a culmination of all the tensions from the past weekand preparing for New Years and the such...Icalled it an "Andria" headache! I stayed in the back, watched far too much teli, fell asleep (snoring woke me up) and I never take naps, but obviously, my leetle brain needed some solace.

    Doing better. Hubby and I have a project planned for today in the kitchen, so I should feel accomplished at the end of the day...or just tired!! Have a great one!!

    Love ya, B&G,

  2. Unh huh? Sure, I get it! (Really, I don't!) The word verification on this comment is: ferhoell and I think that's what you mean? Such in everybody's got one?

  3. HUH? I guezz me English izza toooooooo bad :-( cauzzze me no understand. wwwhahahaha!

  4. you are always such a hoot.... even when you try to explain you still make me laugh.... why is it though that you seem to have such strange verification words... this one is... redleper... they always are strange... yet only on yours... wonder why... :-)


  6. I need to start praying to good ol stmono, maybe he can help me with this household of mine! lol

  7. Oh, apssness, a small light, has come on and I think I may get it???

  8. Oh Linda, Linda, Linda!! You have made my day for sure. I just read your last two posts and you (as well as the comments your blog readers wrote) had me laughing out loud. I must tell you it takes something really funny to make me lol!!
    I was happy to read that others take notice of the goofy verification words. BUT, NOW it will be fun from here on out ~ I will not be able to type a verification word without laughing and thinking of you. That was your ploy all along, wasn't it? You wanted your friends to think of you everyday.... Good job, Linda. It worked!
    Just kidding, of course. This game is great!!!

    My verif. word: saurap
    This craving is what makes you run to the grocery to buy the ingredients to make sauerkraut

    Have the greatest day, Linda!!
    ♥ audrey


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