Friday, January 1, 2010

How to play the vert word game

Happy Happy.................

I thought since there is not much else to talk about, or to complain about, or be disgusted about, or rant about that I would take this opportunity, to explain a tiny bit of insanity that I may have perpetrated on you and you and you too.

Actually, I have to give partial credit to the other vieja loca (crazy woman) who is my partner in crime for this game.

You know how after you have left a heart felt, or thought provoking, or clever or cute or snarky comment that in order to leave said "gem of wisdom and culture refinement", you must type a non word, verification word into the blank? Know some of you folks have opted out of this and we just type what we want to with out the extra "fun".

Well, Georgina the demented and I started defining said nonsensical words. Like coudna, might mean I coudna done it without your help, or vetricl, which might mean what your honey bought you for Christmas a brand spanking new vetricl so that you could drive it to work. Ya see how dumb, odd, strange, fun this could be?

I have about 70 blogs I follow now. And so, from time to time (more often than I would like to admit) I get slightly confused as to which ones of you I have included in this fun (or victimized depending on your perspective). Case in point: I had included, indoctrinated and victimized Tamara and she had reciprocated but I got confused and defined a word for poor Skippy, who was so kind but shocked at first. "I think you have me confused with someone else", says she. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oops. Skippy was very gracious after I explained the game but I must say that the egg on my face, had it not improved my complexion would have been a bit difficult to clean off.

I'm sure it would be disconcerting to have a definition for a non word appear as part of a comment (as though the comment wasn't enough) but kids, you've been warned now and if you don't read this post then......well you'll continue to think I am a loon. Yeah, well so's cho Momma.

Not all groupings of letters are worth it but sometimes.....ohhhhh, I just have to. So accept my apologies ahead of time. "If we spirits but offend....."

Let the games begin....well at least let's have some ridiculous fun, what the hey, it doesn't cost anything, has no calories and is not illegal. Yeah for us.


  1. I am SO happy you confused me someone else - I was just a bit perplexed by your game [at first]

    I love this game. Now everytime I see a vert word I think...hmmmmm...

    Today the word is rabibly - a very happy, rabid bible reader.

    Huh? I am getting good or what?

    PS I managed to spell it wrong. hee - and now the word is propac - which is someone who works full time for Amazon.

  2. Oh Linda, I can not stay long. I have oventi cooking and do not want it to burn! Thanks for stopping by sure and post your project when finally done!

  3. Dearie, my poor olde mind is all turned we put the comment on your bloggie regarding the word verification, or do we put the word and make you define it?

    I think the word I got was meant for you, starts with DING...


  4. LOL You guys are a trip. I don't have verification enabled on my blog but I can have fun with yours. :D

    catess: (noun)The highest royalty in felines. Similar to the human Empress.


  5. LOL - quite fun I think, although it is early yet. Must wake up the brain to join in later.

  6. Hey there girl!! I'm still confused LOL come over and explain the word verification to me. lol When you give me a word, am I suppose to post on your blog what I think it means??? Or am I suppose to give you a new word?
    lol total brain blank going on here lol
    alitant~low man on totem pole not showing his alligence

    Help Me Linda!!!!! hahahaha

  7. Wait! I can't play! You'd have to have a brain to play and I think I've lost mine!


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