Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and infinity...............

This is one of those old broad comment know the bitch and moan articles. And since I am changing the tone of this blog for the sake of my sanity and the blogging community at large I have created a hole within a hole.

That means (in Linda speak), I would like to invite you to my new blog Ye Olde Crones Gazette. That way, I won't have to muddy up the waters of Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts with postings that may not be suitable for all audiences.

OBNSS was set up as a bridge blog. (Named for me and Sweet Man. I am the olde bag and he is the stuft shirt). A blog where I could show my art, have input from others and also make blogging buddies, enter giveaways (not very often), have a grand old time. It has turned out to be a diary of sorts and I like what has happened here. I just want to tidy up the place a little. Mental spring cleaning of a sort.

However, I feel the need for a place where I can just let down my old grey hair. Where I don't have to guard against offense. Because after all, we all know I can be offensive and snarky and myself.

So lubber's if ye dare, enter at your own risk for the occasional rant, snark, bitch, moan and fish heads. You are more than welcome to join me for a tall one and some shared experiences. Who knows, you might let your hair down too. I'll post this picture when I add a new item on OCG. Then you'll know if I am spouting again. You know like the warning flags for hurricanes??????


  1. Seems to me the icon [pic'] for OCG should be a middle finger pic', no?

    Vert word - fulkwno - what the f*** would you know? [Probably more appropriate for the OCG. hee]

  2. Offensive and snarky, eh? I'll be sure to drop by the new place! :)

    I have to tell you too, that I just read and loved your last two posts, particularly the one about fish since that was something my brother, dad and I did frequently as kids. :)

  3. Look forward to seeing you there. We all need a place to have a good old moan!!

  4. Oh goody love snarky, tell it like it is stuff.

  5. Ah... Linda my cracked pot of a friend... who do I care if you rant and rave... show your snarky side.. it is what makes you you and why I love you so..... bitch and moan all you like dearie.. you know I will be there to listen... and about that tall one... lets have a couple

  6. Gods, I didn't know you were being stalked in blogland! People tend to forget that this is a free space, your blog. Those who don't like what they read, move away!
    But I'll love to join yor new blog as well, Linda, thanks for letting us know! Is it a private or open one?

    Kisses from Nydia.


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