Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marlene you're such an observant soul..........

So GK and I were in the kitchen and I love to show her the practical magick of life. Some of the most wonderful lessons are taught and learned in the kitchen, you all know that. Whether it is sharing a recipe's fine points, or how to whip not stir, or how to find out how many children you will have in a citrus fruit. (The number of small seeds in the section you chose are the number of children you will have).

So that's where the fairy wing we found in the layer of lovely white between the grapefruit and the peel came from.

This is truly the best grapefruit I had ever seen. First off you have to pick the ugly ones. Sorry I didn't get the beginning picture of that. It was yellow, with patches of mellow yellow, slight green and a dash of pink on the upper end. Really ugly. I had a grapefruit farmer tell me always to pick the ugly ones one time. It's true they are always sweeter. Ugly not bruised.

So we began to peel said grapefruit and see the top thingie....well that's the flower end. And I have never seen a more defined flower inside of a grapefruit. It was just lovely all the way around. We, Shelley, GK and I all sat around and marveled over the fruit. See how easily entertained we are by the "little magickal things". I know that this may sound strange but some of the best teachable, memorable and cherished memories are when we stop and observe what is happening around us and share it with someone else.

I believe that is why blogging works because each of us is contributing our own "sightings", even mundane ones and sharing with someone else. It is magick.

So it wasn't 15 minutes after I posted the picture of the grapefruit fairy wing and Marlene guessed it. I bet she has had some up close and personal views of an ugly grapefruit too. Marlene if you are of a mind to........send me your physical address and I will send you a pressie for being the good guesser you are. Send it to turtle8603 at comcast dot net.

Thanks for playing stump the band.


  1. Oh well, I tried. Since I don't like grapefruit, I'd never would have guessed it right. Saw these HUGE ones yesterday at the store...my gawd, it could feed an entire family for breakfast. And that's why I don't like grapefruit. My mother used to force me to eat it in the morning since I was a "chubs" and that was good for chubs...NOT!!! So to this day, I avoid it like a rattle snake waking up from a long winter's sleep!!!

    Love ya, B&G,

    The word is "stene." Pinchis, I'm tired of "stene" out here for my free sheese!

  2. I'm like Georgina...not a grapefruit eater...so it's something I wouldn't guess right. But I will say that did look like a nice piece of fruit. Come to think of it, there is not much fruit that I do eat.

  3. Woman you are the Georgia Okeefe of grapefruit pictures. LOL

    Yah! Marlene.

    Now I want some grapefruit, darn.

    vert word - reers - my craving for grapefruit reers it's ugly head.

  4. Yea! I happen t olove Grapefruit of the Ruby variety and that fruit looks yummy! Thanks you.

    Vert Word: Amitryz (Am i tryz and got it right!)

  5. dont I feel like a silly one..... by the way check out my post... you are mentioned... :-)

  6. That's amazing! It does look like a fairy wing!

  7. What an amaizing picture!!!
    I never would have guessed it right either *lol* Congrats Marlene!!

    Blessings )O(

  8. How cool. That was a neat thing to do, Linda. You are right ~ we do learn from one another.
    I can't eat grapefruit because I take meds for an underactive thyroid. I used to love that Ruby Grapefruit juice. ): Oh well.
    Congratulations, Marlene. Good eye!!
    ♥ audrey

    Word: thssea
    I long to live in a cottage by thssea.


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